William SMITH Will

Gorran, Cornwall, England





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In Deinomine Amen I William Smith Vicar of Goran being in health and pífect memory (praised by God) do make my last will and testament in manner following. Inprimis I commend my soule to almighty God my Creator and Maker and my bodie to Christian burial when it shall please God to take my soule from it. Ití I give unto the poore of the píish of Goran Twenty shillings to be distributed the next Sabboth after my burial Ití I give unto my Eldest daughter Elizabeth my greates Sípaime to be delivered unto her after the decease of Elnor my wife In meane tyme my sayd wife to lend it unto her once every yeare for the barking of her Seame Ití I give unto my sonne George (unto whome I have given formerly in marriage as also unto my afore sayd daughter Elizabeth good portions and estates) I give there fore now the less My meaning is my sonne George shall have the bedsteeds and bedd wherein he lyeth my seconds brasse panne my second brasse Crocke and sixe pewter dishes Ití I give unto my sonne James all my whole estate moneliving called St Tne Churchtowne aswell that parte that I hold by lease of George Smith Esquire deceased as also that other píte níth I bought of Ottwell Jinham gentleman and holden by lease from Mr. Syntawbin Maie I give unto my son James all my Estate in a tenement in Treveore at Trefords in Goran called by the name of Hugh Greenes Liveing to take unto them imediathy after my decease More I give unto him the bedds and bedsteede wherein he lyeth Ití I give unto Alce my daughter all those furly hills and guillete of Moores wíth I have reserved froí my son George his grant made unto him and his wife in marriage More I give unto her Two bills of debt one of Tenne pounde due froí St. Charles Trevamon of Carekeys And one other bill of twenty and three pound due from George Spry for wíth the foresaid St. Charles standeth bound wíth him and for him the s;d George Spry Ití I give unto my sonne John (whoe hath much wasted and consumed my Estate) the sume of fifty pounds to be payd eight moneth after my deceased Ití I give unto my Son in Lawe Seraphin Hooker thirty three shillings in his hand wíth he oweth me for Corne and the Tythes of his mens shares Ití I give unto his three children Lachary, John and Elnor three pounds sixe shillings and eight pence apeece to be paid twelve moneth after my decease  All the rest of my goods and Chattles moveable and unmoveable not all ready given I give unto Elnor my wife That is to say an Estate in Thívsson during her life my Corne upon (blank) tenement Oxen Kee younge bullocks horses Marer Colts piggs sheepe upon what soever Tenement or Tenements of myne they or any píte of them are goeing or growing all wheeles waines and butts or other uíten sells for husbandrie all my household goode undisposed of All debts due unto me for tythes and composition for tythes And I ordayne and constitute my síd wife my sole and whole Executrix In wittnes where of I have hereunto subscribed my name and set my seale this Sixth day of July Ani din one thousand sixe hundred forty sixe  William Smith


A Codicill annexed to the will

We Cemoníand that whereas I gave unto my daughter Alce some forthy hills and quilletts of Moore reserved out of my grant unto my son George I have since considered that those pícells of ground being adisyning wíth the Churchtowne Tenemente given unto my son James are most convenient for him And to avoide strife that may arise about trespasses the woods and fences being but meane I doe therefore give síd pícells of ground unto my son James upon condicion that he shall pay his sister Alce Twenty pounds Currant English moneys wíthin one yeare after my decease For confirmation hereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this eight day of July an din one thousand sixe hundred forty sixe  William Smith


Píobatun (LatinÖ, London)


written:           6 July, 1646

proved:            24 April, 1647

archived:         PRO Cat. Ref. Prob. 11/200

transcribed ©: Donald E. Curkeet


Family Listed:

L/T:                 William SMITH

Wife:               Elnor SMITH

Son:                 James SMITH

Son:                 John SMITH

Son:                 George SMITH and wife

Daughter:        Elizabeth SMITH, eldest daughter

Daughter:        Alce (CARKEET)

Son in Law:    Seraphin HOOKER and children; Lachary, John, Elnor

?                      George Smith, esquire


Persons Listed:

Ottwell JIMHAM

Mr. Syntawbin MAIE

St. Charles TREVAMON

George SPRY



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