Vicar’s of St Goran Church  

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1250 Jocelin


5th June 1300 Marcus de Sancto Maderna

1st Vicar Rector – Glasney College Defective Registers

1306 Church under Interdid for one year

Friends of Tregony man slew murderer in Church

8th March 1336 – 7 Sir John De Attebere

Sir Dominus

23rd Nov 1349 Sir William De Polhake


1372 Sir William Feluz

Exchanged with ? of St Stephens in Brannel Died 26th Oct 1399


1st July 1372 Sir John Noe (Noes)

23rd Dec 1399 John Quynterell

In minor Orders Priest 1409 Dispensation for defect in birth

1403 Sir John Hecta (Tecka)

Appealed to Pope Boniface 1X re chancel

28th Dec 1422 William Hendre MA

Exchange with Rector of St Mewan

26th Sept 1423 Sir William Coke


26th April 1430 Sir Walter Robyn

Exchange with Perpetual Vicar of Probus

25th Oct 1440 Sir John Perys (Alias) Raskasa

A Goran man

4th June 1442 John Carkeeke

Bachelor of both Laws Late Rector of Newton Ferrars

11th Aug 1444 Michael Tregorre STP

Late Chaplain to Henry V1 & later Archbishop of Dublin Died 21st Dec 1471. Native of St Wenn

28th Dec 1445 Sir Martin Dyer

Resigned & relocated for some unknown reason. Later Canon of Glasney. Died 1464

20th May Sir Martin Dyer

20th Sept 1447 Sir John Hardynge

To Goodleigh

10th Jan 1447 – 8 Sir Henry Thomme


?? Alexander Trembral (Trembrase)

St Keverne family Rector of Illogan 1436

24th June 1473 Thomas Marbury MA

Resigned on account of unsuitability of vulgar tongue (Cornish)

2nd Aug 1477 John Berkeley (Berkleigh)

On local commissions

8th May 1511 Thomas Bishop of Solubria

Suffragan to Bishop Oldham of Exeter. Bequeathed a gold coin to Church of St Goran. Resigned

2nd Dec 1512 Roger Sondiforth (Handforth)


24th Jan 1513 Thomas, Bishop of Solubria


5th Nov 1513 Thomas Wise (Wyse) LLB

A learned Pluralist

1522 – Curate = Otts

1536 – Curate = John Jobe

1545 ????

Glasney College Dissolved

6th Oct 1548 Richard Eston MA

Presentation for first time by a layman


Institution or Collation 1553


Queen Mary ordered Chalice Paten & silver Cross to be returned to Gorane

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