Trewinney Cemetery Mevagissey

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1….  In loving memory of Richard James Ward 1906 to 1989

Also his wife Gladys May 1906 to 1997 Re-united+

2….In loving memory of Lizzie May born 1908 died 1988 beloved wife and mother

At rest

Also Fernley her dear husband  1904 to 1997

Re-united +

3….  Gerty Robert Shaw 1903 to 1988 much loved mother and nana +

4…. Sheppard Betty Margery 7-4-1928 to 11-12-1986

A loving daughter and sister wife of John mother of Bernice Myland Darren Kenyon

and a grandma who loved them without favour and how sadly missed by them

Rest in peace+

5…. In memory of John Nichols died 2-1-1987 aged 54 years

Loving husband of Marlene and dearest dad of Joanne

Forever in our thoughts+

6…. Treasured memories of a dear husband and father Norman Edwin Hunkin

died 23rd January 1986 aged 66 years+

7…. Maria Mario Nicola (nick) Palumbo 6-12-1936 to 24-5-1985 loving

husband father and granddad in the hearts of those who loved him+

8…. Frances (Fran) Bowles 1953 to 1985

At rest+

9…. In memory of a beloved wife and mother Elsie Alice Pearce

died the 9th December 1984 aged 63.

Forever in our thoughts

In memory of a beloved husband and father Thomas Pearce died 2nd April 1990 aged 69


10…. In loving memory of Robert John Stothers beloved husband of Peggy and dear dad

of Denise died 27th September 1970 aged 58

At rest

Also his dearest wife Peggy Harriet Sarah Died the 7th April 1987 aged 76

A devoted wife mum and Grandma


11…. In loving memory of George Henry Allen 1909 to 2001 +

12…. In loving memory of Ette Macdonald 1935 to 1990

Beloved wife Ian forever with us+

13…. Lakeman

In memory of Edith Jane Harris 1897 to 1971 Richard Johns 1901 to 1984

Archie 1903 to 1956 Dorothy Olive 1904 to 1992 Mary Harriet 1911 to 1981+

14…. Cherished memory of a much-loved mum Joy Mordecai who

died the 12th April 1992 aged 63.

Forever in my heart+

15…. Precious memory of Adrian John Leach dearest husband of Judy

passed away 21st January 1993 aged 46

Fate takes the best for reasons Devine but our love will live till the end of time +

16…. In loving memory of Philip Wood devoted husband dad

and granddad 2nd January 1994 aged 58+

17…. In loving memory of Frederick George Spencer father of Carol dad of Clare

and Helen 1910 to 1993+

18…. Tony Serpini aged 20 years 1973 to 1994

Remembering you always forgetting you never+

19…. Treasured memories of Howard S Brown 10th April 1999

Loving husband of Adele and dad of Juliette +

20…. Charles John George Warnham 2nd July 1994 aged 69 years

Love always Elsie

Also Elsie Sarah 4th January 1999 aged 72 years


21…. In loving memory of Michael John Pickering 30th October 1994 aged 63 years

 Beloved husband of Jean+

22…. In loving memory of Reginald Ernest Sutton 1907 to 1995

And of his wife Ethel Linda Sutton 1907 to 1998 +

23…. In loving memory of William Ronald Endean 1942 to 1995

Love always Ruth and Dawn+

24…. In loving memory of Ronald Johnson Grey 1923 to 1995

Sadly missed+

25…. In loving memory of Henrietta Elizabeth (Bet) Wiles beloved wife

and mother 11th November 1995 aged 71 years

Also her husband Thomas James Wiles died 8th April 1997 aged 76 years

Together again+

26…. In loving memory of Nina Mary Beach 1919 to 1996+

27…. Charles Huff 1924 to 1996

Truly loved man+

28…. In loving memory of a dear husband and dad paps Arthur Avent 1914 to 1996

 Always in our thoughts +

29…. In loving memory of Leonard Basil Allen 1928 to 1996+

30…. Joseph Gerald Hawkin (Joby) 1909 to 1997

Rest in peace+

31…. Margery Rose Hawkin 1914 to 1998

At Peace +

32…. In loving memory of Eileen Pease 9-9-1917 to 29-9 1998

Sadly missed+

33…. Precious memories of Ronald Charles Whitehouse

A beloved husband and dad 9th May 1927 to 6th February 1999+

34…. Ricketts In loving memory of Charles Henry 19th September 1998 aged 85 years+

35…. In loving memory of Evelyn Crouch passed away the 16th May 1999 aged 68

And son Michael passed away the 23rd July 1997 aged 46

Never forgotten+

36…. In loving memory of William George Gascoigne 30-5-1942 to 2-7-1999.

Also his devoted mother Iris 11-4-1918 to 13-9-1999+

37…. Cherished memories of Robert Charles Howard

died 17th November 1999 aged 69 years

At Peace+

38…. In loving memory of Paul Desmond Sheldrake 15-9-1962 to 16-2-2000

Devoted dad, beloved son and brother+

39…. In loving memory of Hilda Maud Hocking died 23rd December 2000 aged 80+

40…. In loving memory of Jean Whitaker

aged 63 years 15th August 1937  to 31st December 2000+

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