Trewinney Cemetery Mevagissey


1…. To the memory of my dear wife Edith M Joslin 1880 – 1949 Also Bertie E Joslin

1878 – 1975 beloved parents of Connie and Sadie+


2…. In loving memory of James T Pearce 1871 – 1950 and his brother William Henry Pearce 1890 – 1971

Rest in Peace+


3…. In loving memory of Harriet Pearce died 3rd June 1959 aged 80 daughter of Harriet and Joseph Elvins

Ever remembered+


4…. In loving memory of Captain Samuel Holland Evans O. B. E. M. N born 30th June 1893 died 13th January 1948 and of his wife Kathleen born 2nd July 1890 died 8th May 1951+


5…. In loving memory of Winifred Mary Evans M. B. E  1892 – 1966+


6…. In loving memory of Harold Ernest Chapman died 9th September 1954 aged 67 years. He loveth righteousness. Also his wife Daisy Ann Chapman 11th November 1984 aged 80 Faithful and true are REV 22. Verse 6 In her death they were not divided  2 SAM. 1 .23. Looking unto Jesus. The Author and the finisher of our faith HEB 12. 2+


7…. In loving memory of Nellie Randall Whatty beloved wife of William died 15th October 1957 aged 68 years. Resting in peace Also her beloved husband William died the 16th July 1964 aged 98 years Re-united+


8…. In loving memory of William Trindall devoted husband of Blanche died the 7th October 1979 aged 79 At peace +


9…. Edward Trindall entered into rest on 19th February 1958 aged 70 Peace. Also his sister Ethel Agnes Hogbin died 16th September 1986 aged 82 At rest+


10…. Sacred to the memory of Joseph Ostridge who died the 4th October 1957 aged 63 years Also his beloved wife Minnie who died the 14th April 1979 aged 91 years Re-united+


11…. In loving memory of William Cloke born 11th February 1886 died 22nd September 1955 At Rest Also his beloved Florence Maud Cloke died 2nd November 1963 aged 77 years+


12…. In loving memory of Maria Jean Marks who died the 4th April 1954 aged 40 Resting where no shadows fall Also Louis Bernard Marks who died 21st February 1992 aged 81 Loving you always forgetting you never+


13…. In loving memory of Peter Mills beloved husband of Annie died 1st September 1952 aged 67+


14….Claude Metcalfe who died at Mevagissey  December 7th 1948     aged 82 +


15…. In loving memory of Eugenie widow T. B. Glanville born at Petit Quecilly Rouen 1852 died at Mevagissey 3rd January 1951 aged 98 years Until we meet again Also of her niece Lilian Thomas died on the 25th January 1974 aged 83 years Re-united+


16….In loving memory of Gertrude Alice Burton died 13th November 1953 aged 91 years Rest in peace In loving memory of Hugh Leonard Burton died the 30th October 1969 aged 82 And his beloved wife Margaret died 11th November 1976 aged 90 +


17…. Happy Memories of my dear husband Charles Ernest Short died 1st September 1955 aged 70 years+


18…. In loving memory of William Talbot husband of Caroline died 4th September 1957  And his beloved wife Caroline died 10th February 1970+


19…. In ever loving memory of Louise beloved wife of Arthur Ernest Pomeroy died the 8th January 1959 Forever in our thoughts Also of Arthur her beloved husband died 18th March 1983 aged 73 years Re-united+


20…. In treasured memory of a loving wife and mother Mildred Thomas died 12th March 1960 aged 68 years Also John Frederick beloved husband and father died 9th February 1972 aged 84 years In Heavenly love abiding+


21…. In loving memory of William Charles Dyer beloved husband of Rosalie died 25th December 1958 aged 52 Also his beloved wife Rosalie died 17th January 1979 aged 69+


22…. In loving memory of William Joseph Pearce the beloved husband of Ida who passed into Gods keeping 10th June 1957 aged 65 years Until we meet again Also Ida his beloved wife died 24th August 1975 aged 79 years At peace +


23….  In treasured memory of our dear mother Grace Anna Trevenna died May 17th 1955 aged 66 years+


24…. In loving memory of Mary Jane Hockings 31-10-1890 to 14-2-1970 Also her loving daughter Ruby Clocena Charles 17-4-1914 to 29-12-1990 Together again Also her husband David Arthur 11-6-1913 to 21-10-1995 +


25…. In loving memory of Margaret Nancy Husband died September 16th 1981 At rest+


26…. To the dear memory of Herbert Husband passed on December 1950 aged 84 years Also his beloved wife Nellie died the 4th June 1964 Re-united+


27…. In loving memory of Herbert Dennis Morgan who fell asleep 10th November 1949 Hilda Morgan died 29th September 1969 aged 70 years+


28…. In loving memory of Dorothy Frances widow of G. H. Kempthorne died December 5th 1948 aged 51 +


29…. Ralph Huie Le Messurier (Priest) died March 3rd 1898 aged 14 1948 +


30…. F. G. M. Whisttle 1884 – 1949 from his sorrowing wife+


31… In loving memory of Elizabeth Ann Goodfellow died May 8th 1952 aged 79 years At rest Also Ernest Gilbert Goodfellow her grandson killed in action May 27th 1943 Also her daughter Elizabeth Mary died March 16th 1989 aged 89 years+


32…. In loving memory of John Arthur Marsden died the 30th May 1957 aged 82 Also his daughter Lois died the 24th March 1993 aged 87 years Re-united+


33…. In loving memory of Vera Sarah Dudley beloved wife of Thomas D Dudley died 10th February 1961 aged 57 Also her beloved husband Thomas William Died August 22nd 1984 aged 69+


34…. Cherished memories of Harriet E. E. Matta daughter of the late S. W. and N. H. Matta of Haye Farm Pentewan died 21st July 1963 aged 64 years The Lord is my Shepard +


35…. Rest in peace Pelham Barron beloved husband and father died 29th November 1986 aged 82 years Also his wife Grace Beatrice Bunny died 15th June 1997 aged 89 +


36…In loving memory of Richard Pelham Barron died 12th January 1963 aged 29 years+


37…. In loving memory of our dear parents Lilian Barbery died 4th July 1958 aged 79 William Barbery Interred at Pinner Middlesex+


38…. In loving memory of Isabel B. Youlton beloved wife of Arthur died the 15th September 1956 aged 49 years In heavenly love abiding Also her beloved husband Arthur  Whonlass  died the 28th October 1966 aged 68 years+


39…. Eric Clive Kirkpatrick (Paddy) entered into rest May 3rd 1955 +


40…. Percy Patrick Butler born December 23rd 1884 died May 20th 1953 beloved husband of Winifred Butler Also his wife Winifred Constance Rider Butler who died October 15th 1986 aged 88 years+


41…. In loving memory of Mary Toll Martin wife of Harry died 27th February 1952 Also of Harry her beloved husband died 14th April 1958 +


42…. In loving memory of James Carbill Murray Master Mariner died 9th December 1950 aged 85+


43…. In loving memory of Edwin beloved husband of Maria Louisa Mills who died the 5th July 1948 aged 75 years Also Louisa Maria Mills died 15th November 1953 aged 92 years Also Louisa Faria daughter died1 7th January 1981 aged 75 years+


44…. In loving memory of Peter Johns died June 13th 1948 aged 79 years Also William Henry Johns died 9th October 1962 aged 96 years+


45…. In loving memory of William Furse died 13th April 1949 aged 32 years A dear husband and father of Kenneth and Avril Also his brother Edward William Henry Furse died 2nd March 1991 aged 76 years At rest+


46…. Happy memories of Gertrude for 49 years devoted wife of Harold H. Giddings 29-1-52+


47…. In loving memory of Horns Rose died 28th February 1953 aged 68 And his wife Gertrude Florence died 11th October 1969 aged 79 And their daughter Irene Jean died 26th September 1996 aged 78 +


48…. Edward Christopher Laidlay  (Priest) died16th April 1955 aged 57+


49…. In loving memory of Albert Thomas White died 29th August 1956 aged 58 And his wife Lilian Ethel died the 4th July 1981 aged 86+


50…. In loving memory of Elsie May Hibbard died 18th April 1958 At Rest+


51…. In memory of Richard Johns died 24th January 1961 aged 81 years+


52…. In loving memory of our dear parents Caroline Barron died 3rd January 1963 aged 75. And William Barron died 25th August 1956 aged 67 +


53…. In loving memory of Ada Flora beloved wife of Joseph Beswarick and dear mother of Jack, Joan and Laura died June 12th 1964 aged 65 years. And of Joseph Godfrey died August 10th 1982 aged 81 years Forever in our thoughts +


54…. In loving memory of a beloved husband and father Alfred Austin Hunkin died 17th August 1962 aged 59  Worthy of everlasting love Also of Grace Eleanor died 12th September 1984 A loving mum re-united. Loving memory of Evelyn Connie+


55…. In loving memory of Edith Olive Sydney died 24th November 1960 +


56…. In treasured memory of a perfect wife and mother Marjorie Phillips who passed away July 29th 1959 aged 69 years Also of Charles Edward Phillips her loving husband who passed away February 16th 1963 aged 69 Re-united Also Margaret Grace Day beloved wife of Herbert died18th July 1991 aged 75 years +


57…. In loving memory of Alfred John Gill beloved husband of Daisy passed peacefully away 30th January 1958 aged 71 years Resting where no shadows fall Also Daisy his beloved wife who passed peacefully away 4th January 1960 aged 72 years+


58…. In loving memory of Hue Fletcher Howell died 17th July 1958 aged 75 And also his wife Edith A. Howell died 7th March 1962 aged 82 years+


59…. To the happy memory of Harold N. Jackson died 21st February 1955 Also his loving wife M. Dorothy who died 15th February 1978 aged 84 +


60…. In loving memory of James A. S. Kelly beloved husband of Barbara died 23rd January 1953 aged 33 years Treasured memories from mother At Rest


61…. In loving memory of Philip John Williams Jack departed the 14th December 1951 aged 56 years Also his dear wife Bertha Grace who passed away the 2nd April 1976 aged 79 years Also of their daughter Meva Gertrude Elizabeth 1924–1998 +


62…. In loving memory of Lilian beloved wife Thomas Leo Blamey died March 28th 1948 aged 52 Her memory liveth Also Thomas Leo her beloved husband died February 28th 1956 aged 64 Re-united+


63…. Dorothea Margaret Snow Whether died August 19th 1950 aged 65 +


64…. In loving memory of Olive Burnett who died November 5th 1951 At Rest+


65….In loving memory of Herbert Stanley Trevenna dearly beloved husband of Gwen killed December 30th 1952 aged 35+


66…. In treasured memory of George Newson Clark Master Mariner beloved husband of Emily Beatrice who was called to higher life the 12th December 1954 aged 68 A beautiful memory left behind+


67…. In loving memory of Elsie beloved wife of William Tregenna died the 15th May 1959 aged 65. At rest Also her beloved husband William died the 31st July 1978 aged 87 +


68…. In loving memory of Kathleen E. Johns died the 24th August 1960 aged 53+


69…. Ernest Behennah 1911-1962 Irene Vera Behennah 1916 – 1979


70…. In loving memory of Doris May Steven died 18th February 1964 aged 57 And twin Reginald Arthur Chriss died 6th August 1964 aged 58+


71…. In treasure memory of Albert Barber devoted husband of Mabel died December 27th 1964 aged 80. Thy will be done Also Mabel his beloved wife died October 16th 1973 aged 83 Re-united+


72…. In loving memory of Lilian the beloved wife of William Thomas Spear May 2nd 1962 aged 79 years. William her beloved husband died November 9th 1977? Aged 84 years+


73…. In loving memory of Mary the beloved wife of Samuel Hicks and dear mother of Mary Dorothy and Thomas born the 25th September 1884 Died the 7th January 1957 Not here but risen Also of Samuel Hicks husband and father born the 9th February 1885 died January 2nd 1974 Together+


74…. In loving memory of Edgar Mills died 2nd February 1956 aged 82 And Mary Kate Mills died 3rd February 1965 aged 87 Re-united+


75…. In treasured memory of William Henry (Bill) beloved husband of Beatrice Chalk died September 19th 1954 aged 60. The Lord is my Shepard. Also his beloved wife Beatrice Mary died May 21 1986 aged 80+


76…. In loving memory of Margaret Ann beloved wife of Alfred T. Ford died 20th November 1962 aged 73 Ever in our thoughts Also of Alfred Thomas Ford beloved husband died 25th May 1959 aged 85


77…. Treasured memories of Leonard John beloved husband of Agnes V. Harris died 17th February 1970 aged 59 Also of Agnes his wife re-united 1989 In heavenly love abiding+


78…. In loving memory of Catherine beloved wife of W. H. Bennett 1980 – 1951 Also William Henry Bennett 16th October 1881 – 16th December 1972+


79…. In loving memory of William Ashweek Ewins died 11th January 1950 aged 76 years And Mary Kate his wife died 18th March 1950 aged 91+


80…. Albert J Williams died March 28th 1951 aged 56 Margaret M Williams died March 19th 1948 aged 50+


81…. In memory of my dear husband Reginald T. Keating died 2nd January 1961 aged 64 A beautiful memory left behind And his beloved wife Frances Alice who died 25th December 1971 aged 76 Re-united+


82…. In loving memory of George Allen Hunkin beloved husband of Catherine died 23rd December 1971 aged 72 At Rest Also Catherine Mary Louisa his devoted wife and very dear mother died 24th August 1997 aged 93 She gave and never counted the cost+


83…. In loving memory of Reginald Francis Hawke died 21st July 1973 aged 67 devoted husband of Lota  darling dad of Sally Lota Trevannion Hawke died 2nd May 1990 aged 86  Beloved wife and mother+


84…. In loving memory of Rev Richard Ball who died 25th September 1975 aged 74 years Also his wife Doris Phoebe 1899 –1984+


85…. In loving memory of Phyllis Marshall 1901 – 1980+


86…. In loving memory of Laurie Beard husband of Peggy died 12th February 1979 aged 62 At rest+


87…. In loving memory of Arthur Raymond Harris who died 13th November 1973 aged 86+


88…. In loving memory of Douglas Ivan Jory died  5th September 1980 aged 61 years Beloved husband of Eckla loving father of Martin, Colin, Foster and Jane+


89…. In loving memory of Gary Neil Saunders born 28th October 1966 died 22nd July 1982 +


90…. Mary A. Hunkin died March 15th 1983 aged 59 beloved wife and mother Forever with us Bernard Hainsley Hunkin died January 25th 2000 aged 86 Elizabeth A Hunkin died 30th April 1988 aged 39 years Always remembered+


91…. William Edwart Hunkin 1893 – 1982 and Elizabeth Stainforth his wife 1913 – 1985+


92…. In loving memory of John Patrick Newton died 5th Septeber 1983 aged 53 years A beloved husband and father forever inour thoughts+


93…. Ronald Hunkin 1909 – 1983  Grace Hunkin 1912 – 1993 At rest together+


94…. William Scears Dyer born 1897 died 14th December 1983 Loving husband of Millicent The love the life we share together Hold fond memories that will last forever  Also his wife Millicent born 1898 died 12th December 1988 Re-united+


95…. In loving remembrance of my beloved parents  Samuel Ingrouille who died February 22nd 1991 aged 85 years Doris Ingrouille who died January 11th  1992 aged 81 years Re-united+


96…. In loving memory of Frederick George Rose 1914 –1990 And Gladys Maud his wife 1918- 2001  Forever in our thoughts+


97…. In loving memory of Gwen Paul 1911-1991+


98…. In loving memory of Albert Rex Rickard husband of Lizzie died June 1990 aged 87 years Also his wife Lizzie Annie died August 29th 1991 aged 86 year Together again Rest in peace


99…. In loving memory of Stephen John Wakefield much loved son and brother who died 21st December 1989 aged 21+


100…. Edgar Hunkin 1905 – 1989 At rest  Ophelia Jane 1913 – 1992+


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