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Also John Prynn, Died March 22nd Sept 1961 Aged 84 Years

Albert Hunkin died Jan 11 1955 Aged 81

In Loving Memory of William beloved husband of Ada Billing dearest father of Olive died June 20, 1950 aged 64 Years. In heavenly love adiding. Also his beloved wife Ada Billing died Feb 26, 1967 Aged 71

Picture 3355

Also of our darling mother Elizabeth Jenkin Prynn March 16, 1954 Aged 84

picture 3356

Mary Ann Prynn died 14th December 1947 aged 78 Years

Picture 3357

Mary Grace beloved wife of Albert Hunkin Died June 10, 1949 Aged 89

Picture 3358

Charles ? Prynn Died 4th 1951 Aged83. Beloved husband and father . Treasured memories. Ever in our thoughts

Picture 3359

In loving memory Dear husband John Golley who fell asllep 10th ? 1959 Aged 67. Peace perfect Peace. Also Hannah his mother who fell asleep 20th September ?

Picture 3360

Treasured memories of Kate beloved wife of Alfred Guy Over & dearest mother of Martin who entered into eternal rest 6th November 19?? aged 77 years. I am with thee Also Alfred Guy Over died ??? 8th 1972


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