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1…. In Loving memory of our dear parents Sophie Jane Over 

died 4th February 1948 aged 62 years 

John James Over died 1st December 1948 aged 71 years+


2…. In Loving memory of Howard beloved husband of Millie 

died 29th October 1945 aged 58 years 

But God who is rich in mercy 

Also of Millie his beloved wife died 7th June 1950 aged 62 years 

This gravestone was erected by the Bassett+


3… In Loving memory of Mary Ann wife of John M. Dredge 

died November 15th 1944 aged 66 

Thy will be done 

And John Michael her beloved husband died March 23rd 1949 aged 73 



4…. In Loving memory of Robert T. Barron beloved husband of Carrie 

died April 15th 1944 aged 80 years 

Not just today but everyday in silence we remember 

Also Caroline Hannah his beloved wife died November 28th 1954 aged 89 years



5…. In Loving memory of Frederick beloved husband of Ethel Johns 

died July 21st 1945 aged 72 

And Ethel his beloved wife died September 28th 1954 aged 77 

At rest+


6…. In Loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Annie Rolling 

died April 27th 1945 aged 57 

At rest 

Also of Annie his beloved wife died 4th January 1962 aged 74 

In heavenly love abiding +


7…. In Loving memory of Lily beloved daughter of Thomas and Caroline Rickard

 who fell asleep in Jesus 25th November 1966 aged 77 years 

In Heavenly love abiding+


8….Treasured memories of William Joseph loving husband of Annie Brown  

died May 1st 1943 aged 56 +


9…. In Loving memory of Richard beloved husband of Frances Mary Thomas 

died 28th August 1945 aged 84 years 

Also of Frances Mary his beloved wife died 7th  February 1947 aged 83 years



10….A. W. Mills able-seaman Nap (MN) H.M.S Ulster “Prince” 

7th March 1946 aged 37 

His brother Charles Edwin R.N.P.S H.M.S “Topaze” killed by enemy action

20 – 4 - 1941 aged 22 +


11…. In Loving memory of Ellen Adelaide Husband 

died September 28th 1946 age77 years 

Also William Vincent Husband died March 14th 1947 aged 75 year 

Thy will be done +


12…. In Loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Annie Rolling 

died April 27th 1945 aged 57 

At rest 

Also Annie his beloved wife died 4th January 1962 aged 74 

In Heavenly love abiding+


13… In Loving memory of Frederick beloved husband Ethel Johns 

died July 21st 1945 aged 72 

And Ethel his beloved wife died September 28th 1954 aged 77 years 

At rest +


14….Sacred to the memory of James the beloved husband of Emily  F. Ball 

died October 24th 1946 aged 61 years  

Always gentle always kind A beautiful memory left behind 

Here also lies the remains of Emily Frederica Ball who passed away 

March 24th 1965 

Together may they rest in rejoined peace+


15…. In Loving memory of John Graham son of Mary and Graham Hunkin brother of

 Michael January 1948 fell asleep in August 

A little flower in Gods Garden. 

Maurice Graham Hunkin 1912 – 1993

In Loving memory of John Graham Hunkin January to August 1948 son of Mary 

and Graham brother of Michael 

In Heavenly love abiding 

And Mary Beatrice Hunkin 1909 – 1983 +


16…. In Loving memory of William Pollard 

died November 20th 1947 aged 84 years 

Sarah Harris Pollard died March16th 1947 aged 81 years 

At rest +


17…. In Loving memory of Lily Barron died September 29th 1947 aged 60 years 

A merry heart hath a continuous feast+


18…. In Loving memory of Samuel Hicks died March 30th 1947 aged 84 

Also of Lucinda his beloved wife died December 3rd 1961 aged 96+


19…. In Loving memory of Mark French beloved husband of Sarah and devoted

 father of Ida died February 6th 1947 aged 68 years 

Resting where no shadows fall 

Also Sarah Annie his beloved wife dear mother of Gwen and Ida 

died November 1st 1956 aged 90 years


20…. In treasured memories of Richard Brian son of R. H. and S. Matta 

died January 25th 1939 age 6 years +


21…. In Loving memory of William Jerald dearly loved son Jerald and Hilda

Brown died August 24th 1947 aged 25 years 

Also his parents Jerald and Hilda Brown 1894 1980 and 1900 – 1979+


22…. In Loving memory of Jack beloved husband of Doris Rowse 

died May 22nd 1947 aged 46 

From his loving sister +


23…. In Loving memory of Ada beloved daughter of John and Selina Burt 

died April 30th 1947 aged 48 years+


24…. In Loving memory of John George Furse died February 9th 1947 aged70+


25…. In Loving memory of my sister Esther Rule who passed away May 5th 1946 

In Heavenly love abiding +  


26….In loving memory of our dear parents John William Hunkin 

died 31st August 1944 

And Louisa Hunkin died 27th  February 1959 

Abide with me+


27…. In loving memory of Emma Jane Moore beloved wife of Peter 

died 4th February 1945 aged 75 

Also of Peter Moore her beloved husband died 26th December 1952 aged 87



28…. In loving memory of Francis Kendall died March 8th 1945 aged 68 

And Caroline Maria his wife died May 15th 1955 aged 78 

At rest+


29…. In loving memory of Bertram beloved husband of Minnie Mills 

died April 13th 1945 aged 52+


30…. In loving memory of Mary Kate beloved wife of Peter Hunkin passed 

away September 4th 1945 aged 65 

Also Peter her husband Re-united July 18th 1961 aged 80 years 

To memory ever dear+


31…. In loving memory of Annie Elizabeth beloved wife of Horace Rowe Leonard

 passed this life 12th May1964 aged 89 years 

I heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me+


32…. In loving memory of Nathaniel beloved husband of Emily Tremayne 

died March 8th 1946 aged 74+


33….Treasured memories of Leslie dearly loved son of J. & A. Bath 

fell asleep March 7th 1920 aged 10 ½ years 

Suffer little children to come unto me+


34…. In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Mary Kate Nicholls 

died January 25th 1945 aged 85 years 

Resting in the love of Jesus sweetly resting every day 

And of Mary Kate wife of the above died November 24th 1950 aged 89 

At Peace+


35….Treasured memories of Daniel Oliver Master Mariner 

died November 10th 1944 aged 57 beloved husband of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Oliver died November 18th1974 aged 86+


36…. In loving memory of James Furse who fell asleep in Jesus 

August 30th 1944 aged 87 

And Margaret his wife fell in asleep in Jesus November 1st 1949 aged 83 beloved

 parents of Alfred  and Annie Furse 

Giving thanks unto the father which hath made us meet to be partakers of the

 Inheritance of the saints in life+


37…. In loving memory of Ethel the beloved wife of Louis Behennah 

who died June 21st 1944 aged 48 years 

Resting where no shadows fall In perfect peace she awaits us all 

Also her husband Louis who died 2nd April 1979 aged 84 years+


38…. In loving memory of our dear sister Martha Thomas 

passed away February 22nd 1944 aged 60+


39….Sacred to the memory of John James beloved husband of Fanny Lean 

who entered into eternal life on June 8th 1942 aged 70 years 

Also of Fanny wife of the above who  passed 

away January 29th 1953 aged 80 years+


40….Emma Blake Behennah 1942 

Also Gladys Elsie Chesterfield died  23rd December 1974 aged 88 years+


41….Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Forder widow of 

John Hastings Forder died Carisbrooke 1941 who 

died at Pentewan on the 9th November 1942 aged 72 years+


42…. In loving memory of Elizabeth Clarke? Rosevear passed 

over on December 7th 1942 aged 83 

At rest+


43…. In loving memory of Doris daughter of Eliza and Philip Cloke 

died June 7th 1943 aged 41 

At rest+


44…. In loving memory of James Henry beloved husband of Marjorie E. Dunn 

died June 24th 1943 aged 37 years 

In memories garden we meet every day 

Also his dear wife Marjorie died March 9th 2000 aged 84 years 

Re-united +


45…. In cherished memory of Winnie beloved wife of Percy Kendall 

died August 23rd 194? Aged 52 

At rest 

Percy Kendall husband of Winifred died June 27th 1956 aged 89+


46…. Robert Barron died April 3rd 1941 aged 52 +


47…. In loving memory of J. C. M. Chesterfield died October 7th1948 aged 76 

At rest 

C. Chesterfield his wife died December 29th 1942 aged 76 +


48….In treasured memory of Queenie May beloved wife of Jack  Dredge 

passed away April 8th 1940 aged 27 

Until the day breaks +


49…. In loving memory of William James Way who 

died February 21st1940 aged 71 

And Elizabeth Sarah his wife who died June 11th 1951 aged 82 

At rest+


50…. In loving memory of Walter Giles the beloved husband of Clara Hunkin 

died January 14th 1940 aged 70+


51…. In ever loving memory of Dan dearly loved son of William Henry and

 Winifred Barron accidentally killed September 17th 1939 aged 19 years 

In mind a daily thought in heart a silent sorrow 

And William Henry beloved husband of Winifred Barron 

died May 23rd 1945 aged 55 

Rest in peace +


52…. In loving memory of Matilda beloved wife of John Barron who 

died July 4th 1939 aged 73 

Safe in the arms of Jesus +


53…. In loving memory of Percy beloved husband of Sophia Behennah 

died September8th 1936 aged 45 years 

Also Sophia his beloved wife who died November 24th 1964 aged 74 

Alfred George Behennah 1922 – 1972 +

54….Memories loving tribute to my dear husband Thomas R. Furse 

died January 28th 1937 aged 73 Loving father of Cyril  and Doris 

and of Cordelia his wife died May 11th 1955 aged 89 years +


55…. In loving memory of William Morley Pearce who 

died April 12th 1938 aged 65 

And Clara Maria his wife died February 24th 1945 aged 76 +


56…. In loving memory of Richard Johns Lakeman the beloved husband of 

Mary  S Lakeman died  July 6th 1938 aged 70 years 

I have heard of the by the hearing of the ear but now my eve seeth thee 

And of Mary Sarah who died May 27th 1953 aged 83 years 

United now in death they rest Entered to loves  faithful memory +


57…. In loving memory of William Kendall died 30th March 1941 aged 70 years +


58…. In loving memory of Nellie daughter of the late William B. Cloke Trinity Pilot

 And Ellen Cloke died May 6th 1939 aged 55 

Pain and sickness Ne’er can enter grief and world may lot may share but in that

 celestial city I a crown of life shall wear 

Also Peter Cloke died 9th January 1971 aged 85 years +


59…The dear memories of Ena the beloved daughter of C. Kendall 

passed over April 13th 1935 aged 23 years 

At rest +


60…. In loving memory of William Leverton died December 11th 1934 

Also his wife Bessie Leverton +


61….Sacred to the memory of Minnie  dearly beloved wife of 

Thomas William Dudley R.N. died November 28th 1934 aged 39 years 

Always living always loving always ours but in Gods keeping +


62…. In loving memory of Marion wife of Stanley Thomas 

died 9th November 1934 aged 47 

Also her loving sister Martha Louisa Furse died 16th August 1953 aged 63  +


63…. In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of William Body and beloved mother of

 Emily Frances Varcoe, John Francis Varcoe and Emily Hunkin Elizabeth Hand

 Body who departed this life December 21st 1898 aged 78 years 

Also of the above named John Francis beloved husband of Lavinia Varcoe 

born August 16th 1845 died August 24th 1912. 

In loving memory of the above named John Francis Varcoe born August 16th 1845 died August 24th 1912 

And of Lavinia Varcoe his beloved and devoted wife who lost her life from the

 sinking of the SS Lusitania May 7th 1950 aged 70 years 

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer my God my strength 

In him I will trust?????????? + 


64….Maria (May) Ball aged 71 +

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