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1….In loving remembrance of Henry Over who departed this life

May17th 1889 aged 77 years

Also of Mary Ann his wife who died February 15th  1898 aged 78 years

Her end was peaceful+


2….In loving memory of Richard Hooper who died at Pentewan

June 29th 1910 aged 79 years

Also Martha his beloved wife who died January 29th 1898 aged 63 years

Jesus is mine+


3….….In loving memory of Maria Philp who died January 31st 1905

aged 66 years

Home at last Thine labour done safe and blessed the victory won Jordan passed

from pain set free Angels now have  welcome thee And of James husband of the

 above died December 31st 1911 aged 76 years+


4….In loving memory of George Washington the beloved son of Thomas and

 Elizabeth Cloke who died June 24th 1904 aged 25 years

Looking unto Jesus The leaf falleth and the flower died away

Also of Eliza Cloke mother of the above who fell asleep

May 8th 1907 aged 68years

They are singing with the Angels now+


5….In loving memory of Jane beloved mother of John and Frances Hicks 

who died February 24th 1904 aged 87

And Frances Mary her daughter who died January 14th 1941 aged 86

At rest+


6….In loving memory of Arthur second son of Jane’s (late) Phillip Thomas

Master Mariner B. I. S. N. C. who died at Barton Pentewan

aged 48 years August 30th 1901+


7…. In loving memory of Hannah Maud Burford who died

January 30th 1896 aged 31 years

Also of Frederick her husband who died March 26th 1931 aged 69 years

Rest in peace+


8….Gone to God but not forgotten In loving memory of Harriet Maria wife

of James Wilson the beloved and only daughter of Peter  and Mary Burt

who died  September 10th 1897 aged 54 years +


9…. In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of Stephen Warn who died

16th September 1893 aged 64 years

Also of Stephen their who died 24th February 1889 aged 21 years

They are gone but not forgotten

Never shall their memory fade sweetest thoughts

shall ever linger round the place where they are laid+


10…. In loving memory of Richard Henry Rowe who

died January 12th 1896 aged 50 years+


11…. In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Margaret P Hicks

who died  March 10th 1895 aged 71 years

Awaiting the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Margaret Perry Hicks his

beloved wife who died  march 1st 1913 aged 83 years

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away+


12….In memory of Elizabeth Ann Symes beloved sister of Matthew and Mary Over

 Portmellon died November 16th 1889 aged  56 Thy will be done+


13….Her lieth the  body of John Samson Jago died September 11th 1889 aged 63 +


14…. In loving memory of Henry Over who departed this life

May 17th 1889 aged 77 years Also of Mary Ann his wife who

died February 15th 1898 aged 78 years

Her end was peaceful +


15….In loving remembrance of Henry Jorey who died

August 11th 1892 aged 75years

Also of Elizabeth his wife who died August 15th 1892 aged 80 years

Their end was peace+


16…. In loving memory of B.T. Ball surgeon of this place who after a long and

 useful life rested from his labours June 6th 1889 aged 82 years

O Lord in thee  have I trusted

Also of Catherine his wife  who died November 27th 1894 aged 87 years

Jesu Merci+


17….In memory of Ellen eldest daughter of  B.T. and Catherine Ball

born January 26th 1837 died July 31st  1922

Also of Laura her sister wife of the Rev A.R Scantlebury M.A. Rector

of Huish . N. Devon born January 12th 1845 died December 2nd 1924 +


18….Youngest and dearly loved son of the Rev W. Robert Morrison and Olivia

his  wife died May 8th 1890 aged 22 years+


19….Maria Ball no date+


20…. In loving memory of Nicholas Charles beloved husband of Mary Chesterfield

 who died at Devonport June 23rd 1892 aged 35 years

Also of Gertrude Mary their daughter who died March 1st 1887 aged 15 months

Not our will but thine be done

And of Harriet their daughter who died October 15th 1897 aged 13 years

Safe in the hand of our Lord+


21…. In loving memory of Isabel Mary King Grier the wife of G.W. Monroe Grier

 M. E. born February 15th 1871 died May 9th 1901

Redeemed Charles Walker Monroe Grier died January 11th 1949 aged 92

And Zoe Grier died August 21st 1883 aged 2 weeks +


22…. In loving memory of Thomas R. Williams died March 16th 1905 aged 69

 Also of Grace Hannah his beloved wife who died June 17th 1920 aged 82+


23…. In loving memory of James beloved son of John and Catherine Barron who

 died April 29th 1911 aged 45 years 

Also of Henry their beloved son who died January 12th 1912 aged 34 years

Weep not for us and mother dear we were not yours but Christ alone

He loved us best and took us from home+


24…. In loving memory of William (Billy)  beloved husband of E.J. Mills

who died 31st May 1928 aged 63 years

Also of Elizabeth Jane his beloved wife who died December 11th 1940 aged 76


25…. In loving memory of Eva till dearly loved daughter of George and Martha

 Baker who passed away 22nd January 1918 aged 14 years

Not gone from memory not gone from love but gone to her fathers home above+


26….William Hosgood Young Webber died 21st November 1923 aged 70 years

 Also Sarah Snow his wife died  November 1st 1913 aged 82 +


27….J. Kelly Seaman R. N. R 26301C HMS “Moldavia”

27th September 1920 Aged 41

At rest ever fondly remembered by his loving wife and children 

Margaret Ann Kelly his beloved wife died May 17th  1964 aged 82 +


28….In loving memory of William Brown died 17th August 1917 aged 42 years 

Rest in peace+


29….In loving memory of Mary Jane the daughter of the late John and Jane Thomas

 died May 25th  1920 aged 85 

Also of Henry Thomas Johns who died February 14th 1937 aged 83 years 

And Mary Ann his wife who died April 28th 1946 aged 85 



30…. In loving memory of Esther Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Rowett died 

Feb 27th 1924 aged 72 years 

At early dawn when all was still God gave his great command In silent peace she

 passed away into a better land 

Also Thomas Smith Rowett her beloved husband died 

January 25th 1934 aged 74 years 

Peace perfect peace+


31…. In loving memory of Richard the beloved son of T and M. J. Barron died

January 30th 1925 aged 47 years 

Sadly missed+


32….24492 Private C. Carne Duke of Cornwall L. I  2nd September 1918 aged 29 

In memory of our dear baby John Bunt aged 2  

A sunbeam for Jesus+


33…. In loving memory of Sophia Jane beloved wife of Henry Furse who died 

June 12th 1914 aged 62 years 

The face we loved is now laid low Her loving voice is still the hands we often

 clasped in ours lie low in deaths cold chill.  

Also of Hubert  beloved son of Thomas and Charlotte Reynolds who died 

December 4th 1915 aged 30 years 

He came as a beautiful Lilly plucked from the garden of love But God saw a place

 more fitted for him in his Heaven, Heavenly home above. 

Also of the above named Henry Furse who died March 6th 1918 aged 63 years +


34…. In loving memory of William Cyrus Retallack died at Stoke Devonport  

June 10th 1912 aged 44 years +


35…. In loving memory of dear Beatrice daughter of C. H?N? and the late 

T. R. Williams died March 6th 1909 aged 33 years 

Also of dear Clara  died February 10th 1920 aged 47 

Peace perfect peace 

Gone but not forgotten+


35….In Affectionate remembrance George Barron died 

September 14th 1905 aged 64 years  

Mary Elizabeth his wife died September 16th 1942 aged 84 +


36… In loving memory of Thomas R. Williams died March 16th 1905 aged 60 

Also Grace Hannah his beloved wife who died July 17th 1920 aged 82 +


37….John Charles Farran May 12th 1912 thy will be done 

Also Elizabeth Pomery Farran March 22nd 1907+


38…. In loving memory of Annie the beloved wife of William Richard Grose who

 died at Portmellon January 21st 1909 aged 53 

Short was the call she received from above Not a word to her friends could she say

 Her eyes closed in death as she peacefully slept and silently passed away 

Also of Lily daughter of the above departed this life July 5th 1908 aged 22 years

 Sleep on dearest one thy toil is over your willing hands will work no more but our

 hearts are still as sore as on that day we lost you+


38…. In loving memory of Robert Johns who departed this life 

June 23rd 1904 aged 73 years 

Rest in peace 

Also Elizabeth Mary wife of the above who died December 30th 1916 aged 74 years

 Until the day break and the shadows flee away God is love+


39… In loving memory of Richard beloved husband of Agnes Nicholls who died

 March 7th 1906 aged 55 years 

We mourn the loss of one we lost and did our best to save beloved in life regretted

 gone remembered in the grave 

Also of Agnes Nicholls beloved wife of the above who died 

December 23rd 1928 aged 79 years 

The call was sudden the shock severe we never thought her death so near only those

who loved her call tell the parting without a farewell But sweet are the memories

that never fade of one we loved but could not save+


40…. In loving memory of Ellen Wilton born February 21st 1843 who entered into

 rest September 5th1895 Clara Doris Hensman born January 4th 1852 entered into

 rest February 18th 1935 

I know??? Remembered+


41….In affectionate memory of Edwin Lanyon of London who died at Portmellon

 June 11th 1896 aged 44 

Blessed are the pure in heart 

And Georgina his wife who died August 10th 1926 aged 58 

Also Amie Brewer Lanyon sister who died March 11th 1890 aged 29th 

Her remains are interred in the new Wansworth cemetery+


42….William Retallack died June 6th 1924 aged 90 years Elizabeth Frances his

 wife  died February 20th 1903 aged 69 years+


43….Mary Augusta Hamilton Dundas October 15th 1903 aged 89 

There is rest in Heaven +


44…. In loving memory of James Thomas Pearce died 

August 12th 1904 aged 77 years 

Also Elizabeth Mary wife of the above who died October 27th 1900 aged 59 years

 And of Walter and Jane son and daughter of the above 

They are gone and the grave hath received them T’was Jesus that called them away

 They are gone to the Lord that  redeemed them from the night to the spender of day+


45…. Plot 290. In loving memory of Jane beloved wife of Josiah Thomas died 

April 8th 1910 aged 79 

Rock of ages cleft for me let me hide myself in thee 

Also of Josiah Thomas husband of the above who died 

January 26th 1913 aged 82 years+


46…. In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of Albert Edward Morse who 

died May 29th 1905 age 31 years, 

Peace perfect peace+


47…. Sacred to the memory of John Ball Farran Master Mariner of this town who

 died February 16th 1910 aged 66 years 

Mary Ann Rickard widow of the above John Ball Farran who entered into rest

 December 24th 1920 age 76 years 

Her children arise up and call her blessed+


48….Sacred to the memory of William Henry Johns who died 

June 12th 1917 aged 77 

Also  Elizabeth his wife who died February 28th 1920 aged 79+


49…. In loving memory of Samuel Gillard  Heligan died at Tregony Hill 

August 18th 1914 aged 86 years 

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away+


50…. In loving memory of Maud Mary Retallack died June 26th 1912 aged 37 years

 Also Charles Edward Retallack her husband died June 16th 1954 aged 83 years+


51…. In loving memory of William Cyrus Retallack died at Stoke Devonport 

June 10th 1912 aged 44 years+


52…. In loving memory of our dear mother Harriet Lavinia loving wife of 

Thomas Whitford died December 14th 1925 aged 58 years 

And Coralie their beloved daughter died December 7th 1918 aged 21+


53…. In loving memory of Charles Over beloved husband of Florence Louisa Cloke

 died November 17th 1921 aged 50 and of his wife Florence Louisa Cloke 

died October 26th 1964 aged 86 years 

Peace Happy memories of Frank Cloke born 26th December 1912 

died 6th February 1979 

Now the day is over+


54…. In loving memory of Elsie the beloved daughter of Lena Cloke who died at

 Mevagissey November 17th 1922 

Also her devoted mother Lena died 11th March 1966 aged 84 



55…. In loving memory of Samuel beloved husband of Mary Evens died 

August 10th 1924 aged 62 

He was a Master Mason 

And of Mary his beloved wife who died November 8th 1944 aged 76 years

 Re-united +


56…. In loving memory of Thomas Barron who died 

November 26th 1927 aged 77 years 

Also of his wife Mary Jane Barron who died April 18th 1943 aged 90 years 

Happy memories treasured ever of days when we were all together +


57…. In loving memory of Robert Kymbrell Blight passed away at Portmellon

 March 25th 1945 aged 83 


Lora beloved wife of Robert Blight died June 4th 1931 aged 64 years 

At rest +


58…. In loving memory of Annie P. T. Furse who died  

October 15th 1931 aged 55 years 

Also Edward J .Furse husband  of the above who died  July 17th 1950 aged 72 years

 For ever with thy Lord+


59…. In loving memory of Samuel beloved husband of Mary Grace Husband died

 September 24th 1931 aged 74 

At rest 

Also of Mary Grace his beloved wife  died January 13th 1945 aged 84 



60….To the treasured memory of Mary Grace the dearly beloved mother of 

May Kent who died April 26th 1929 aged 64 years 

Love last gift ???? remembrance 

Also her beloved daughter May (Rouse) died May 16th 1965 aged 79 

The Lord is my Shepard


61…. In loving memory of Maria Charlotte  Exmouth Whiteside born 

February 14th 1838 died October 24th 1927 

Also of Edith Margaret Isabell (Daisy) Frith nee Whiteside 

died November 11th 1951 aged 89 years +


62…. In loving memory of Jessie Roberts  died at Mevagissey 

March 5th 1927 aged 77 years+


63… In loving memory of Phillip Henry Thomas late of Barton who fell asleep at

 Rock Cottage Pentewan December 6th 1931 aged 69 years +


64….Sacred to the memory of Joseph Furse born March 18th 1866 died 

May 3rd 1926 

Also of Ellen his beloved wife  born November 4th 1862  died March 23rd 1927 

For thou from out are born of time and place The flood may bear me far  I hope to

 see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar+


65….To my beloved Minnie Jane Hickey who fell asleep at Mevagissey 

September 9th 1918 +


66…. In loving memory of Elizabeth Mahala beloved  wife of 

Charles William Michell died 29th November 1918 aged 47 years 

Also of the above named Charles William Michell died 

14th December 1937 aged 71 years+


67…. In loving memory of James William Quick who died at Portmellon February

 18th 1925 aged 71 +


68….Sacred to the memory of Eliza Snerris died January 22nd 1914 aged 84 years

 Jessie Mabel Cregoe died May 13th 1948+


69….Ellen Ashwell(Ushwell?) 1850 – 1916 She lived for others+


70…. In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Byng Giraud Chingie the well beloved

 daughter of James Byng and Helen Wright born at Edinburgh 23rd February 1909

 died at Mevagissey 4th March 1914 

And of James Byng husband of Helen Wright died 

February 19th  1934 aged 73 years born at Inveraray Helen Kethle nee Patton 

1888 – 1979 

Jesu mercy Mary help+


71…. In loving memory of James Cloke who died 

February 21st 1918 aged 62 years  

God be with you until we meet again 

Also of Maria Cloke his  beloved wife who died May 8th 1925 aged 62 years 

Heart that loved hands that worked now they rest on Jesus breast+


72….All passes all changes except  remembrance Henry Cuthbert Joplin 

died February 13th  1928 

Also of Sarah Jane  his beloved wife who died 1st September 1955 



73…. In loving memory of Edith Alice Underwood died 23rd August 1931 aged 55

Charles Edwin Underwood died  January 24th 1949 aged 84  

Richard Charles Underwood died July 30th 1946 aged 35 +


74… In loving memory of Clifford P. Y. Dawe Captain D. R. G. A. (T) who died

 Montreal November 9th 1921 aged 28 years 

And Constance Devries Dawe his dearly loved mother died in Torquay 

January 17th 1941 aged 79 years+


75…. In loving memory of Winifred Annie Boyer who died 

April 7th 1932 aged 46 years +


76…To the dear memory of Lora beloved wife of Alfred C. Thomas 

died September 12th 1935 aged 55 

Also of Alfred Charles her beloved husband who died April 23rd 1959 aged 86



77…. In loving memory of Margaret beloved and only child of Emma and Ernest

 Robins who fell asleep the 20th September 1935 aged 31 

A precious one from us has gone 

A void we loved is silenced 

A place is vacant in our hearts  

Which never can be filled Loved by all+


78….To the dear memory of Vivian son of Archer and Elise Eleanor Gurney 

died December 3rd 1935 aged 79 years 

Rest in peace+


79…. In loving memory of Millie devoted and loving wife of Walter Carveth passed

 away June 18th 1935 aged 69 years 

At rest 

Also Walter Giles her beloved husband died March 26th 1939 aged 73 years



80…. In loving memory of Richard Hedley Roberts passed on 

November 3rd 1938 aged 31 years+


81…. In loving memory of John Marshall died October 17th 1936 aged 81 

Also of Mary Marshall beloved wife of the above died January 11th 1950 aged 95

 John beloved husband of Mary Marshall died October 17th 1936 aged 81 years+


82….To the dear memory of Richard beloved husband of Elizabeth Gill 

died December 8th 1935 aged 74 

The voyage has reached the other shore. 

And Elizabeth his wife died May 29th 1954 aged 94 



83…. In loving memory of Ernest dearly beloved husband of Emma Robins fell

 asleep May 19th 1936 aged 63 years 

Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God 

Though death divided fond memories cling +


84…. In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Eliza Burns 

died June 29th 1936 aged 46 

At rest+


85…. In loving memory of Gladys  wife of Joseph Clarke 

died July 10th 1935 aged 47 

Also of Joseph her beloved husband who died February 3rd 1954 aged 75 years



86….To the memory of my dear mother Mary Grace Rowe died 

July 17th 1935 aged 78 years+


87….Sacred to the memory of  Ethel beloved wife of John Farran who died

 December 19th  1935 aged 67 years 

At rest 

John Farran J.P. her beloved husband passed peacefully away 

August 30th 1941 aged 73 At rest+


88….To the dear memory of Howard Dunn born 20th April 1868  

died 20th August 1936 

The hour is coming and now is when the dead  shall hear the voice of the Son of God.  


And to his wife Georgina who departed this life on 

February 6th 1954 aged 85 years+


89…. In loving memory of Ann Burnett who died April 19th 1945 

And Lily Roberts who died February 1st 1954 

At rest


90…. In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Eliza Burns 

died June 29th 1936 aged 46 

At rest +


91…. In loving memory of Charles Pollard died March 30th 1943 aged 71 

And Elizabeth his beloved wife died December 26th 1936 aged 85 



92….To the precious memory of Roy Rolland Thomas Arthur Lobb 

born 26th April 1905 died 4th May 1937 

I will not leave you comfortless  I will come to you+


93….. In loving memory of Jessie daughter of T and L Bassett 

died March 10th 1937 aged 49 

Also of Laura Bassett her mother who died 7th November 1939 aged 81 +


94…. In loving memory of James beloved husband of Mabel Elvins who passed

 away peacefully on December 17th 1936 aged 60 years 

Also Mabel wife of the above died January 8th 1955 aged77 years 



95….Jack Pascoe beloved husband of Laureen gave his live on H.M.S /M

 “Porpoise” January 1945 aged 24 years +


96….Ronald beloved son of Frederick Cathleen Johns Grandson fell asleep

 November 2nd 1938 aged 23 months 

Suffer little children to come unto me +


97…. In loving memory of Richard Fleming Johns 

Died November 20th 1945 aged 84 

Rest in peace +


98…Henry Dadda died March 21st 1936 Annie Dadda died June 30th 1941 

Worthy of everlasting memory+


99…. In loving memory of Elizabeth Alma Cloke died January 5th 1937 aged 79 

At rest 

Also of Thomas V. Cloke husband of the above died April 28th 1948 aged 88



100…. In loving memory of Edward Johnson passed away 

December 28th 1936 aged 64 

Rest in peace+

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