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1…. In loving memory of William Robins M. M. who died January 7th aged 80 years

Also of Ester his beloved wife who died March 17th 1887 aged 81 years 

Not gone from me memory 

Not gone from love 

But to gone to the Fathers home above +


2….Sacred to the memory of James Ball who departed this live 

October 23rd  1885 aged 84 

Also Caroline wife of the above who departed this life 

December 13th 1887 aged 85 +


3… In loving memory of Walter son of Richard and Margaret Dyer who 

died July 22nd 1887 aged 22 years 

Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God 

and our Saviour Jesus Christ+


4…. In loving memory of Melchisedec Hocking who died 

November 2nd 1887 aged 73 years+


5…. In loving memory of Joseph Hocking Who died 

February 26th 1886 aged 73 years 

Also of Eliza his wife who died January 10th 1889 aged 71 years+


6…. In loving memory of Dora Mills aged 73 years 

Also of John C Mills who died at Central City Calera of USA aged 41 years

 Elizabeth Jane Mills aged 76 years 

When at last I hear ?????? and the ??????????+


7…. In loving memory of Captain William Olver who died at Mevagissey on 

16th August 1886 from the effects of a fall on board the Barque "Clynder" 

Whist on a voyage from New Zealand to London aged 38 years 

He fell asleep in Jesus+


8…. In loving memory of Elizabeth the widow of the late N. B. Allen and sister of

 B. T. Ball surgeon of this place who died February 19th 1889 aged 80 years 

O’grave where is thy victory+


9…. In loving memory of Annie Francis wife of Samuel  Hemer who 

died 20th November 1886 aged 62 years I shall go ????????? 

Also of Samuel Hemer husband of the above who died 

14th February 1915 aged 92 years 



10…In affectionate remembrance of Matthew Farran M. M. died at sea and buried 

at Malta January 1853 aged 44 years 

Also Elizabeth Spargo his Widow who died August 15th 1884 aged 75 years 

Also of William Ball M. M. brother of the above who died at Mevagissey 

April 8th 1897 aged 85 years. 

The memory of the just is blessed+


11…. In loving memory of Elizabeth Mary beloved daughter of Edmond and

 Elizabeth Craggs who departed this life June 17th 1884 aged 21 years 

Her end was peaceful 

Also of Richard their beloved son who died November 11th 1906 aged 49 years

 Gone but not forgotten+


12…. In loving memory of Cordelia the beloved wife of Joseph Kymbrell who died

 at Mevagissey November 16th 1883 aged 53 years 

Her end was peaceful so fades a summer cloud away so sinks the gale whilst storms

 o’er so gentle shuts the eye of day So dies a wave along the shore 

Also of the above named Joseph Kymbrell who died March 29th 1912 aged 83 years

 Also of John their son who was drowned at sea February 8th 1895 aged 22 years+


13…. In loving memory of Maud aged 2 years 

Also May aged 5 month Thy ???loved children William and Martha Robins 

Also of little  darling Gwendoline  ???? loved

child of William Martha Robins aged 5 months+


14…. In loving memory of Lillian Crowle who died 

November 1st 1937 aged 42 years 

Peace perfect peace+


15…. In loving memory of Ann Middleton who May 22nd 1885 aged 52 years 

Her end was peace Erected by her so E. M

Also of Edward her son beloved husband of Emmeline who died at Looe 

May 22nd 1929 aged 65 years R. I. P+


16… In loving memory of Johannah Chesterfield of Mevagissey who died

 November 21st 1882 aged 92 years 

Also William Henry son of the above who died May 15th 1908 aged 87 years+


17…. In loving memory of Joseph Jenking of this Parish who died 

January 12th 1884 aged 64 

Also of Elizabeth his wife who died December 26th 1899 aged 78 years 

Gone to rest +


18…. In loving memory of James son of Frances and Hannah Bond of this Parish

 who died 19th March 1885 aged 35 years 6 months+


19….R. A. Crunden able seaman R.N. P/JX 145539 H.M.S "Acheron" 

17th December 1940 aged 20 

To our dear son who gave his life that we may live 

Always remembered Mother+


20…. In loving memory of Edward Dunn died March 15th 1902 aged 88 

Elizabeth Dunn died March 27th 1884 aged 66+


21…. In loving memory of Caroline Hartman Ball died 23rd May 1899 aged 73 

Her son Nicholas Oliver died 12th April 1885 aged 36 

His son Nicholas Oliver Congregational Minister died 1st July 1948 aged 74 

And his wife Elizabeth died 13th January 1944 aged 68+


22…. In loving memory of Margaret widow of William Lelean died 

August 28th 1890 aged 86 years 

Also Hannah Maria daughter of Richard and Marry Harris niece of the 

above died May 6th 1883 aged 58 years+


23…. In loving memory of Benjamin Harris Roberts builder and merchant of this

 town who fell asleep May 3rd 1885 aged 63 

I know whom I have believed and persuaded that he is able to keep that which I 

have committed onto him against that day 

Also of Mary Nee Kittow wife of the above who entered into rest 

January 27th 1908 aged 80 years 

She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness. 

Also of Alfred Roberts second son of the above who passed over at Salisbury,

 Rhodesia in October 1926 aged 60 

His work well done his race well run his growth well won let him rest. +


24….In memory of Charles Elliott of Mevagissey who died 

November 7th 1908 aged 62 years 

Thy will be done+


25…. In memory of Carrie Roberts died June 26th 1939 aged 60 


And Emma Annie Roberts died January 20th 1945 aged 80 

At rest+


26…. In memory of Joshia Kitto Roberts Mevagissey Independent, Eldest son of

 Benjamin Harris Roberts died June 18th 1854 aged 91. 

Abide with me+


27….In Loving memory of Jane the beloved wife of John E Levers who died 

April 3rd 1896 aged 72 years 

We have to mourn the loss of one we did our best to save 

Beloved on earth regretted gone remembered in the grave 

Also of the above name John E Levers retired Master Mariner who died 

April 6th 1903 aged 77 years+


28…. In Loving memory of Elizabeth Jane the beloved wife of Charles E Hunkin

 born March 2nd 1854 died December 20th 1885 

Also of Charles Edwin Hunkin who died 11th October 1937 aged 81 years 

At rest. 

And Lina Jolly Hunkin died 22nd February 1941 aged 80 years +


29…. In Loving memory of William Roberts who died February 3rd 1886 aged 66

 years Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him 

Also of Ann his beloved wife who entered into rest August 5th 1907 aged 62 years

 The hand of God touched her and she sleeps +


30…. In Loving memory of Joseph beloved husband of Eliza Pearce who died at

 Mevagissey June 4th 1912 aged 75 

Also Eliza his beloved wife who died October 9th 1891 aged 54 

Peace perfect peace+


31….I will trust and not be afraid In Loving memory of Richard Blamey who 

died December 24th 1892 aged 68 years 

Also of Jane his wife who died February 5th 1901 aged 81 years+


32…. In Loving memory of William Body of this Parish who died 

October 4th 1887 aged 73 years 

His memory of the just is blessed Hannah daughter of the above and wife of Charles

 Whatty who died at Sandriece Australia on May 1st 1884 aged 33 years 

Far from the World of grief and sin with God eternally shut in 

Also in memory of Martha wife of the above who died 

November 15th 1877 aged 60 years Interred??????+


33…. In Loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Jane Rowse who died at

 Mevagissey May 8th 1887 aged 62 years 

Also of Jane his beloved wife who died May 9th 1911 aged 72 years 

Long days and nights we bore in pain to seek for rest. It was all in vain until God

 alone he thought it best to ease our pain and give us rest+


34….In Loving memory of Mary Grace the beloved wife of Joseph Body of

 Mevagissey who fell asleep in Jesus December 19th 1887 aged 50 years  

Gone before

Also the above Joseph Body who died May 2nd 1900 aged 79 years+


35….In Loving memory of Joseph Pawlyn died December 11th 1888 aged 88 years

 Also Mary wife of the above died August 18th 1879 aged  78 years 

Also Matilda daughter of the above died April 26th 1851 aged 18 years 

For ever with the Lord+


36…In Loving memory of Richard Martin Pawlyn who passed to the other shore on

 18th November 1901 aged 66 years 

He begingeth? them to their desired Heaven 

And of  Susan Beer his wife who died June 11th 1925 aged 82 years 

At rest+


37….In loving remembrance of Henry Harris Carveth who died  trusting in Jesus

 March 8th 1887 aged 62 years 

Also Sarah Ann Relict of the above who entered into rest 

August 24th 1895 aged 72 years 

Until the day dawns+


38….In Loving memory of Joseph Kitto who entered  into rest 

September 9th 1887 aged 72 years 

Come unto me all ye that in are heaven ? and follow????????  

Also Emma Dauifs? wife of the above who died June 10th 1902 aged 83 years+


39….James Dunn Barron aged 76 Rest in peace beloved uncle of May Kent +


40….Ellen the  beloved wife of Alfred J White died January 17th 1883 aged 45

 Also Frederick Henry son of the above who died at Bera. Africa 

June 9th 1902 aged 38 years 

Alfred John White May 20th 1921 aged 87 

Also of Ada their daughter died May 8th 1940 aged 79+


41….In Loving memory of John Billing Rowse died November 6th 1942 aged 73

  Until the dawn breaks+


42….In Loving memory of James Kendall who died March 8th 1886 aged 93 

Also Ann Maria wife of the above who died March 1st 1887 aged 92+


43….In Loving memory of John Philp born August 6th 1838 died 

September 1st 1888 

Also of Margaret and William children of the above named 

who died in their infancy+


44….In Loving memory of Frederick Dredge . R.N. died March 9th 1923 aged 79

 And Elizabeth the daughter died October 20th 1891 aged 18 

At rest+


45….In Loving memory of Richard Hooper who died at Pentewan 

June 29th 1910 aged 79 years 

Also Martha his beloved wife who died January 29th 1898 aged 63 years 

Jesus is mine+


45….In Loving memory of Richard Bennett Rosevear who died  

November 27th 1894 aged 73 years +


46….Gone to God but not forgotten In Loving memory of Harriett Maria wife of

 James Wilson the  beloved and only daughter  Peter and Mary Burt who 

died September 10th  1897 aged 54 years+


47….In Loving memory of Ann Smith wife of C.W. Smith who died at Falmouth

 September 1st 1898 aged 37 

Until we meet+


48….In Loving memory of Elizabeth wife of Stephen Warne who 

died 16th December 1893 aged 64 years 

Also of Stephen their son who died ????

49…. In Loving memory of Winifred Annie Boyer who died April 7th 1932 

aged 46 years+


50….To the dear memory of Laura beloved wife of Alfred C. Thomas 

died September 12th 1935 aged 53  

Also of Alfred Charles her beloved husband died April 23rd 1958 aged 86



51…. In Loving memory of Harriet Ann Frazier died December 24th 1935 aged 77+


52…. In Loving memory of James Prentice died at Mevagissey 23rd January 1923

 And of his sister Isabella Chalmers Prentice wife of Cyril Thomas Furse 

died at St Austell 13th May 1946+


53…. In Loving memory of Gertrude Louisa Griffis died March 22nd 1929 aged 63

 Peace be to thee+


54…. Here lies Constance Gertrude Lavie beloved wife of Lt. Col. H. E. Lavie 

who died 5th June 1928 beloved by all and the mother of the regiment+


55…. In Loving memory of Annie Maud loving daughter of T and the late A. M.

 Pearce who died November 28th 1930 aged 49 years 

Also Thomas her eldest brother Engineer Captain R.N. 

Who died at the War Memorial Hospital Reading 

October 22nd 1926 aged 53 years+


56…. In Loving memory of Charles Body died March 23rd 1943 aged 80 years 

Also of Rachel his beloved wife died May 7th 1952 aged 97 years+


57…. In Loving memory of Kate Elizabeth beloved wife of John W. Allen 

mother of all of her loving children died 6th June 1965 aged 66 years 

Peacefully sleeping free from pain+


58…. In Loving memory of my dear wife Ida E. Youlton  passed 

away July 20th 1937 aged 38years 

At rest+


59…. In Loving memory of George the beloved husband of  Thamsine Hunkin 

died May 11th 1938 aged 62 

Tamsine Symons dearly beloved wife of the above  

died June 26th 1941 age 70 years


60…The gift of God is Eternal life William Harris Body born 

January 8th 1863 died June 6th 1938 

42 years a Church Warden in this Parish 

Also of Harriet who died 31st October 1974 aged 98 years+


61….To the dear memory of William Shaw Haigh born  in Huddersfield 

June 24th  1869 died September 11th  1937+


62… In Loving memory of Charles Body died March 23rd 1943 aged 80 years 

Also Rachel his beloved wife who died May 7th 1952 aged 97 years+


63 In Loving memory of Thomas Johns who passed away 

January 29th 1939 age 67 years. 

At rest 

Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Langdon Johns died March 30th 1972 aged 94 years

 At rest+


64…. In Loving memory of my dear husband Henry John Weeden 

died April 30th 1939 aged 67 +


65…. In Loving memory of Emily G. Roberts who passed over on the 

26th November 1937 aged 72 years 

Daughter of the late Henry Roberts ship and boat builder+


66…. In Loving memory of Jabez Foard the beloved husband of Dorothy L. Foard

 died November 30th 1937 aged 48 years 

Come unto me 

Also his wife Dorothy Louisa died December 26th 1972 aged 75 years 

Home in peace to thee+


67…. Harriet Alma Robins died July 31st 1938 aged 80 years 

Also in loving memory of Edith Alma Robins 1895 - 1974 

And Lillian Francis Armstrong nee Robins 1899 – 1998+


68…. In Loving memory of James Maxwell Thomas died 22nd May 1939 aged 37

 Also his loving wife Ethel died 13th January 1970 aged 73 



69….In treasured memory of Elizabeth wife of Percy Bidgood 

died July 29th 1939 aged 64 

And Percy her beloved husband died October 31st 1940 aged 68 

And Russell their son died U.S.A November 21st 1955 

In Gods keeping+


70…. In Loving memory of Peter Blamey Rundle died February 26th 1938 aged 67

 And Edith Mary his beloved wife who died May 19th 1940 aged 68 +


71….Sacred to the memory of Elsie  Barron who fell asleep 

March 29th 1938 aged 44 years +


72….In affectionate remembrance of Robert William Kemble who 

passed over December 7th 1938 aged 59 years 

And of his sister Hilda died December 21st 1960 aged 82 years+


73…. In Loving memory of Joseph beloved husband of Margaret Elvins 

died March 9th 1940 aged 68 

Also Margaret his beloved wife died 8th May 1961 aged 86 



74…. In Loving memory of Emma Dickson 1882 – 1941+


75….In treasured memory of John beloved husband of Edith E. Mills 

passed away April 25th 1941 aged 41 

Beloved by all 

Also Edith Elizabeth Mills passed away November 28th  1980 age 79 



76…. In Loving memory of Mary Grace beloved wife of William Blamey 

died November 1st 1939 aged 77 

Also of William he beloved husband who died September 23rd  1948 aged 92 +


77…. In Loving memory of Mildred Ann Lovegrove  who 

fell asleep October 12th  1939+


78…. In Loving memory of Leslie fifth son of  Hannah and the late 

Thomas Over died  May 24th 1940 

At rest+


79…. In Loving memory of William the beloved husband of Leonora K. Furse

 passed away 19th September 1938 aged 47 years 

Until the day breaks 

And his wife Leonora Kate died January 31st 1971 aged 76 years 

Resting where no shadows fall+


80….Sacred to the memory of John  E. Dudley late C. P.O. R.N. 

died August 14th 1939 aged 64 

Also his beloved wife Jessie Ann died 6th July 1961 aged 89 



81…. In Loving memory of James the youngest son of the late 

Thomas and Laura Bassett who died May 18th 1940 aged 48 years 

Resting where no shadows fall +


82…. In Loving memory of William Joseph beloved husband of  Sarah Robins 

died  April 17th 1940 aged 72 

Thy will be done 

And Sarah his beloved wife died December 10th 1953 aged 76 

At rest


83…..John Whatty died May 18th 1931 aged 93 

Bessie Dunn died December 14th 1963 aged 91 years+


84…. In Loving memory of Mary Danbury entered into rest August 16th 1934 

Also of Ernest Albert Danbury husband of the above died May 5th 1945 aged 76 +


85…. In Loving memory of Frederick Trevelyan Seccombe born April 15th 1886

 died May 4th 1940 ???? 

And in loving memory of Florence Jenny Seccombe widow of 

Frederick Trevelyan died 18th January 1977+


  86…. In Loving memory of Sarah Caroline Over died November 9th 1941 aged 27

 Also of dear Percy died in Italy August 7th 1944 aged 24 

They shall not grow old as we that are left 

Also on a separate stone marked Caroline and Percy+


87…. In Loving memory of Lily beloved daughter of Thomas Caroline Rickard 

who fell asleep in Jesus 5th November 1966 aged 77 years. 

In heavenly love abiding +


88…. In Loving memory of Thomas Ralph Hunkin died October 5th 1922 aged 58

 And Bessie Richards his wife died November 13th 1942 aged 74 

At rest+


89….Walter Shelcott died 8th July 1945  aged 70 years 

Theodore Colin Bilson died November 25th 1941 aged 59 years +


90…..14423233 L. Cpl W. B. Warren Royal Signals  died 8th August 1944 aged 19

 A son worthy of a mothers love a fathers pride and a Nations gratitude +


91…. In Loving memory of James Short died November 23rd 1942 aged 83

  Elizabeth Ann his wife died March 2nd 1948 aged 94 +


92…. In Loving memory of Stephen Ball beloved husband of Annie 

died January 24th 1942 aged 75 

Resting where no shadows fall+


93…. In Loving memory of George L. Black beloved husband of 

Jean Porteous Black died May 16th 1941aged 66+


94…. In Loving memory of Sidney Roberts died February 28th 1920 aged 70 

And Louisa (Lucy) his wife died June 3rd 1941 aged 90+


95…. In Loving memory of Henry Furse who died 26th February 1942 aged 57 years

 Also his loving wife Hilda Kate who  died 27th May 1967 aged 79 years +


96…. In Loving memory of William Williams Robins passed away 

June 23rd 1941 aged 74 

Also his wife Jessie Isabel Williams who died on the 

26th April 1993 aged 95 years  

In Loving memory dear daddy from Mury and Jean +


97…. In Loving memory of Alfred Blamey died October 6th 1942 aged 84 

Louisa Blamey died April 1st1953 aged 88 +


98….In ever loving memory of Elizabeth Jane Marian Drewe Rouse 

died 6th February 1955 aged 68 years 

Also in memory of Alfred George Rouse died April 7th 1943 aged 56+


99…. In Loving memory of Jack husband of Pat Dredge 

died July 26th 1944 aged 32 

At rest+


100…. Memories loving tribute to my dear husband Samuel Mark Keast who 

passed to the other side November 23rd 1944 aged 54 years. 

Worthy of everlasting remembrance 

And his wife Laura Keast died 14th July 1971 aged 82+

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