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1....To the dear memory of Samuel Cloke who died May 10th 1934 aged 72 years

At Rest

And Jane Warne his beloved wife died May 15th 1953 aged 92+


2....In loving Memory of William Foard Hunkin died April 1934 aged 67

Until the day break

And Elsie beloved daughter of Richard Hunkin died Oct 4th 1945 aged 52

At rest beloved son of Richard and Eleanor Hunkin+


3....In loving Memory of Louisa beloved wife William Meek died Dec7th 1933 

aged 69 and of William Meek who died July 19th 1938 aged 76+


4....Jonathan Barron who died June 8th 1939 aged 77 years Elizabeth his wife 

died January 14th 1942 aged 82+


5....In loving Memory of Catherine dearly beloved wife of Thomas W Dudley 

loving mother of Tom and Kate died April 12th 1933 aged 68

To memory ever dear

Thomas William Dudley died December 20th 1954 aged 86+


6....Sarah beloved daughter of the late John and Kitty Hocking died 

November 11th 1932 aged 71+


7....Catherine beloved wife of Thomas Mills who died the 24th July 1932 

aged 63+


8....In loving Memory of Elizabeth Ann Williams beloved wife of John who 

passed away April 9th 1947 aged 80 years

She was but words are wanting thinking what a wife and mother could be 

and she was that

Also John husband of the above died March 23rd 1952 aged 87 years



9....In loving Memory of Mary beloved wife of John Cloke passed on July 26th 1933

Aged 74 Thy will be done John Cloke died November 9th 1941 aged 86 aged 86



10....In loving Memory of our dear parents James Barron died 21st May 1934

 aged 45  Violet Barron Died 26th November 1958 aged 69

In Gods keeping+


11....Bessie Jane the beloved daughter of S and M.  A. Craggs who died 

May 5th 1906 Aged 42 years

At Rest+


12....Sacred to the memory of Benjamin Harris Roberts late Postmaster of this 

place who died April 15th 1906 aged 59 years

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away

Also of Caroline Wife of the above died 7th March 1929

At Rest+


13....In loving Memory of John F Cloke Master Mariner died 

November 19th 1903 aged 45 years Also Emmeline his beloved wife died 

July 29th 1922 aged 63 years

I the chief of the sinners am but Jesus died for me+


14....In loving Memory of David Greaves Williams Master mariner who 

died October 9th 1909 aged 82 

Also of Harriet wife of the above who die February 13th 1915 aged 80 years

Also of David Williams grandson of the above who died August 4th 1896

Aged 21

Forever with the Lord+


15....In loving Memory of William Passmore died December 26th 1900 aged 55

And Susan Jane his wife died December 15th 1904 aged 53

Grant us our peace+


16....In loving Memory of Phillip Pomeroy who died at Mevagissey 

October 11th 1903 aged 84 years

Asleep in Jesus

Also Jane wife of the above who died November 30th 1906 aged 89 years

Peace perfect peace+


17....In loving Memory of William beloved husband of Eliza Ann Whatty  

died at Mevagissey August 1st 1903 aged 67 years

Not gone from memory not gone from ??? but gone to the Fathers home above

Also Eliza Ann wife of the above died January 20th 1932 aged 87 years

Her end was peace+


18....Emily Jane beloved wife of Richard Gill who died December 29th 1903 

aged 64 years

Trusting in Christ Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord

Also Richard husband of the above who died May 25th 1921 aged 83 years

Until the day break and the shadows ?????+


19....In loving Memory of Catherine Kitto who entered into rest July 23rd  

1903 aged 81

At Rest+


20....In loving Memory of Hannah Bryant beloved wife of Edward Gourd Bryant  

who died at Mevagissey May 8th 1905 aged 58 years

Her passing away was peaceful as one who has fallen asleep

Asleep Yes

Asleep in Jesus at sleep so blessed and sweet

Also of Amelia their beloved daughter who died January 25th 1900 

aged 18 years 

Every year is wiped away sighs no more shall?? Thy breast

Night is lost in endless day sorrow in eternal rest+


21....In loving Memory of Peter Husband who died May 5th 1909 aged 64 years

Also of Peter his second son who died on his voyage from South Shields to

 Pensacola April 9th 1904 aged 36 years

Many waters cannot quench love

And of Margaret beloved wife of Peter Husband died December 31st 1937 

aged 91 years

And their children William aged 71 Bertha aged 50 and Elizabeth aged 62

Also of Margaret who died October 30th 1899 aged 24 years

Blessed are the pure in heart +


22....In loving Memory of our dear parents Louisa Whatty died 

February 1st 1899 Joseph Whatty died September 21st 1931

Re-united +


23....In loving Memory of James Cloke who died September 25th 1898 aged 66

Also of Mary his wife who died June 15th 1917 aged 78+


24....In loving Memory of Louisa M. Roberts died 7th February 1953 

aged 91 years

Also Joseph Roberts died 26th February 1917 aged 56 years+


25....In loving Memory of Mary the beloved wife of Richard Barron  

who departed this life December 5th 1897 aged 33 years

Not gone from memory?????

Also Richard beloved husband of the above who departed life 

February 26th 1923 aged 67 years

Sleep on beloved+


26....Thomas Lee Master Mariner born July 14th 1824 died May 7th 1895

He is born in peace

Ammaline his wife born July 5th 1822 died July 22nd 1898

Thy will be done

Thy will be our guide ever until death+


27....In memory of Matthew Hunkin Master Mariner who died Jan 12th 1894 

aged 78 years Also of Louisa his wife who die November 12th 1897 

aged 74 years+


28....In loving Memory of Kate Lelean Beeby 1869 – 1943

I know that my redeemer liveth

The ransomed of the Lord shall return+ 


29....In loving Memory of William Henry Rolling who died February 15th  

1909 age 61

Also of Roger brother of the above who died April 5th 1893 aged 62 years

Our Called not death this is a holly sleep and the precious souls the Lord doth



30....Treasured Memories of dear husband and father Edward Dunn passed over 

29th March 1935 aged 75 years

Also of Mary Ball his beloved wife devoted mother re-united 31st May 1935

aged 76 years+


30....In loving Memory of Henry Arthur Behennah Master Mariner 

who fell asleep April 11th 1933 aged 74 years

Sunset and the evening star and one clear call for me and may there be no warning at

the bar when I put out to sea For though from outer of the time and place the flood

may bear me far I hope to meet my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar

In loving Memory of Fanny Mary Margaret his widow who died at Plymouth

September 9th 1948

In loving Memory of Joyce Ethelwyn their daughter who died at Plymouth 

19th October 1975+


31....In cherished memories of William Davey Smithem passed over 

March 2nd 1934 aged 66

Also Mary Jane his wife died January 18th 1955  aged 92 years +


32....To the memory to my dear husband John Whitford died 

November 22nd 1935 aged 79 years With Christ which is far better

Also Ann his beloved wife died April 17th 1941 aged 81 years

Though death divides fond memories cling+


33....In cherished memories of Mary Ann beloved wife of John Hicks died 

February 17th 1933 aged 73 John Hicks died April 22nd 1946 aged 88+


34....In loving Memory of Elizabeth Ball who died March 17th 1935 

aged 74 year

Also of Clara her beloved daughter died July 3rd 1956 aged 75

Sweet resting+


35....In loving Memory of Walter Libby who fell asleep in Jesus 

October 16th 1893 aged 64 years

Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who died December 17th 1910 aged 82 years

Thou O’Christ art all I want more than all in the I find+


36....In loving Memory of Jabez May Edwards died March 2nd ??? aged 80 years

Also Helen his wife died Dec 16th ??? aged 46 years

Also Minnie their daughter died May 13th 1807 aged 19 years + To be checked ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


37....Harriet Louisa Lakeman 1870 – 1924+


38....In loving Memory of my dear parents Jabez Foard died February 19th  

1937 aged 83

Shall we gather at the river

And of Amelia his wife who died May 6th 1890 aged 34

They have gathered at the river

And Margaret their daughter who died May 4th 1897 aged 14

Safe in the arms of Jesus


Erected by their daughter M. E. Cloke+


39....Sacred to the memory of Matthias Dunn entered into rest at Newlyn 

April 8th 1921 aged 57 years

And of his wife May Dunn died July 14th 1955 aged 74 years+


40....In loving Memory of Elizabeth Mary beloved daughter of 

T. E.& E. Craggs who died April 1st 1904 aged 19 years

A precious one from us has gone a voice we loved is still A place is vacant in

our home which can never be filled

Also of our brothers Sydney died October 30th 1912 aged 20 Frederick Stanley

died July 19th 1917 aged 30 and Emily Craggs their mother died March 8th 1960

aged 59+


41....In loving Memory of Henry Harry beloved husband of 

Mable Behennah who died Sept 8th 1905 aged 45

Asleep life’s weary long it is heavens sweet rest+


42....In loving Memory of Thomas Clark who died April 27th 1901 

aged 71 years

Gone to dwell with Jesus+


43...In loving Memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Thomas Gill  

of Mevagissey who died Aug 14th 1898 aged 59 years

He giveth his beloved sleep

Also of the above named Thomas Gill who died March 1st 1958 aged 84 years

His end was peace+


44....In loving Memory of Catherine the beloved wife of Nicholas Pollard  

of Hills Mevagissey who fell asleep in Jesus May 12th 1900 aged 56 years

Also of the above name Nicholas Pollard who died June 30th ??? aged 73 years+ 


45....In memory of Mary Helen died December 2nd 1937 aged 91 

And of J G Allen M. M. husband of the above lost at sea March  3rd 1897 

aged 53 And Sophia Roberts who died April 16th 1889 aged 79+


46....In memory of William Body of this Parish who died October 4th 1887 

aged 73 years 

The memory of the just ?? Blessed

Also Hanna Daughter of the above who died  widowed Charles Whatty who was

lost at sea+  

47....In memory of Margaret Perry Craggs who died January 9th 1911 

aged 41 years

She calmly passed the waves of Jordan River

Also James the beloved husband of Margaret and brother of the above who 

died March 18th 1932 aged 52



48....In loving memory of John Hunkin 1852 – 1908 

And Isabella his wife 1855 – 1931+


49...In loving memory of Robert T Barron who died May 6th 1911 aged 74 years

Also of John beloved son of Robert and Hester Barron who died at Gibraltar

 September 29th 1895 aged 23 years

Gone but not forgotten

And of William Thomas grandson who died April 14th 1915 aged 18 years+


50....In loving memory of William C. Foard V.C.P.O. R.N.

The dearly loved husband of M A Foard and darling daddy of William who 

died August 8th 1919 aged 37 years

Duty nobly done

Also of Mary Ann his beloved wife who June died 18th 1927 aged 44+


51....In loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Elizabeth Kymbrell died

February 11th 1917 aged 44

Until the day breaks+


52....In loving memory of James Hunkin died 25th August 1917 aged 57

And Eliza his wife died 15th November 1951 aged 90

Also their son Frank Hunkin born 15th June 1894 died 5th December 1985 +


53....Elizabeth Marsden 1850 – 1931+


54....Robert Philp died June 13th 1922 aged 65 Elizabeth his beloved wife died

January 7th 1938 aged 79+


55....In loving memory of Peter Kymbrell Master Mariner 1832 – 1918 

And Mary his wife 1833 – 1930+


56....Sacred to the memory of William Joseph Brown the beloved husband of

 Martha Brown who died at Mevagissey May 15th 1917 aged 58 years

His hope was in Christ, He is gone the one we loved so dear to his eternal rest

He is in Heaven we have no fear and is forever best

Also Martha L Brown his beloved wife died March 21st 1956 aged 94 years

Beautiful memory left behind+


57....In loving memory of Harriet Lakeman who died December 3rd 1915 

aged 76 years

To dwell with Christ his better life

Also Matthew beloved husband of the above who died May 3rd 1923 aged 84

years Also William their son who died October 28th 1917 

aged 51 years+                             


58....Henry Roberts died August 9th 1913 aged 72

Also Ellen Roberts wife of the above died February 18th 1929 aged 82+


59....In loving memory of Richard Hunkin who 

died December 20th 1908 aged 81 years 

After life’s weary conflict Heavens sweet rest

Also of Eleanor Melol his beloved wife March 11th 1913 aged 85 years

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away+


60....In loving memory of our dear father Mathew Mills who departed this life on

December 31st 1914 aged 77 years

Also Martha wife of the above died December 2nd 1940 aged 100 years

Thou death divide fond memories cling+


61....In loving memory of Peter Burt died 11th May 1917 aged 38 years+


62....In loving memory of Matilda the beloved wife of John Behennah 

of Mevagissey who died 25th Oct 1921 aged 60 years

Peace perfect peace

Also of John husband of the above who died 19th November 1928 aged 68



63....In loving memory of Richard Hunkin died June 17th 1923 aged 65 years

And of Elizabeth wife died June 22nd 1924 aged 67 years

Safe in the arms of Jesus+


64....To the dear memory of Richard Hunkin died August 23rd 1928 

aged 46 years

At Rest+


65....James Edwards died May 8th 1928 aged 78 year+


66....Rev J Mc Cluneuffn a faithful minister of Christ Jesus died June 30th1923+


67....In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of James H. Dunn who died at

Mevagissey December 2nd 1918 aged 47 years

And James Henry her beloved husband who died January 16th 1940 aged 78


Also William the beloved son who died in France March 1917 aged 25 years

Thy will be done+


68....In loving memory of Mabel beloved wife of Frank S. Cloke who fell 

asleep on July 19th 1918 aged 34 years

Her name is dear to memory tis graven on our hearts her kindly smile is with us

still lingering loathed to part+


69....In loving memory of dear mother Hester Barron who died June 27th 

1915 aged 75 years

At Rest+


70....C. Dyer seamen R.N.R. 3428C H.M.S. Pembroke 24th May 1918 aged 35

Also Charles their beloved husband of Annie Dyer died May 24th 1918 aged 35

Also his loving wife Annie died June 28th 1966 aged 84+


71....Daniel the beloved husband of Annie Oliver died February 13th 1919 

aged 72

And of Annie his wife who died April 9th 1934 aged 84 years+



72....In memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Stephen Carveth entered into rest

February 22nd 1921 aged 78 +


73....In loving memory of William Sears Dyer beloved husband of Emma 

died June 4th 1923 aged 63 years

Also of Emma Dyer his beloved wife died February 12th 1952 aged 84 years


Worthy of everlasting remembrance+


74....In loving memory of William Francis Hocking who died

October 16th 1928 aged 80 years

Also Mary Hannah his wife who died August 7th 1933 aged 85 years

Peace perfect peace+


75....In loving memory of Edgar Hocking who died 22nd May 1931 aged 54

Also of Hannah his wife who died the 7th June 1960 aged 80+


76....In loving memory of George Marshall died February 23rd 1930 aged 67

Also Eliza his wife died June 9th 1934 aged 72 years+


77....In loving memory of Richard beloved husband of Mary E Snell who died

March 16th 1931 aged 81 years

At Rest

Also Mary his wife died October 4th 1933 aged 82 years +


78....To the dear memory of Samuel son of Peter and Margaret Husband died

March 1st 1925 aged 51

Many waters cannot quench love+


79....In loving memory of Henry John dearly loved Son of Henry and 

Emily Over died June 28th 1944 aged 23 years

A heavenly star shines on the grave of one we love but could not save

Also Adeline Stephens Aunt of the above died May 15th 1924 aged 34 years

In Gods Keeping+


80....John Morris died December 11th 1920 aged 68 years

And Mary Clark his wife died February 6th 1947 aged 93 +


81....In loving memory of Peter Furse who died January 6th 1907 aged 75

And of Louisa Mary wife of the above who died September 9th 1911 aged 81

I shall see him for myself



82....In loving memory of Thomas Henry Crowle who died May 7th 

1918 aged 68

And Lora his wife who died Jan 6th 1952 aged 88+


83...In loving memory of our dear parents Thomas Hunkin who died 

4th August 1917 aged 44 years

Also of Hannah Elizabeth his beloved wife who died 29th May 1954 

aged 70 years +


84....In loving memory of Thomas Kymbrell who died April 15th 1920 

aged 59 years

Leaving him to sleep in trust till the resurrection day Father in thy gracious

keeping leave we now thy servant sleeping

And Rose Cordelia his beloved wife passed away February 23rd 1953 aged 89

years Peace perfect peace+


85....In loving memory of Melchizedic Hocking Kymbrell beloved son of the

 Late Joseph and Cordelia Kymbrell died December20th 1923 aged 55

Until the day break

Also of Bessie his sister died October 5th 1911 aged 47

Thy will be done+


86....In loving memory of Frederick Billing died 4th February 1925 aged 42

And Louie his wife died 22nd October 1972 aged 81

Lovingly remembered by son daughter and grandchildren+


87....In loving memory of Joseph Clark August 10th 1924 aged 73 

Elizabeth Sarah his wife died September 12th 1932 aged 82+


88....Treasured memories of Eliza Jane beloved wife of Philip Cloke fell asleep

August 24th 1930 aged 68 years and Philip Coombes husband of the above who

died June 30th 1941 aged 76 years

At Rest+


89....In loving memory of William B Cloke Trinity Pilot died Feb 4th 1932 

aged 82

And Ellen his wife died March 25th 1943 aged 88+


90....In loving memory of John beloved husband of Rosina Dyer died April 4th

1932 aged 64 years

God is love

Also of Rosina his beloved wife died September 18th 1953 aged 84 years



91....In loving memory of John Prynn died at sea March 10th 1876

Also of Elizabeth Ann his wife died December 22nd 1929 aged 91 years +


92....In loving memory of James Lean died July 24th 1926 aged 79 

And of  Susan wife who died February 2 1925 aged 75 +


93....In loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Emeline Hunkin

Died 17th December 1923 aged 66 years

He is at rest, all hurtfully labour ended and all the wiriness of earthy things gone

 from us here, by angels guide attended up to the presence of the King of Kings

Also Emeline Pomeroy his beloved wife died July 6th 1838 aged 79 years



94....In loving memory of Elizabeth Mary Hunkin died 1st March 1924 aged 48

Also Joseph Ernest her husband died 17th October 1959 aged 85+

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