Mevagissey Important Dates


1086 88   Land at Mevagissey divided between four Manors Bodrugan,

                  Penwarne, Porthilly and Treleaven


       1150   First Chapel at Porthilly, on site of present Church


1259       First proper Church built dedicated to St Peter


1313       First recording of Mevagissey as a hamlet


1430       John Trewollas of Treleaven funded building of first stone pier at

             Stuccome (site of present harbour)


1588       Beacon lit at Beacon Cross, two miles from Mevagissey, at the sight of

            the Spanish Armada

1626       Mevagissey independents, now the United Reform Church , founded


      1642 45  English Civil War divided the villagers loyalist. During the Fairfax

                  campaign Roundhead soldiers were billeted at Mevagissey,

                  Tregony and Pentewan


1655       Puritans pulled down the church tower


1700       Fishing port busy and smuggling was rife


1740       Survey of harbour showed that if the pilchard trade grew the harbour

            would need to be enlarged


1745       Boat builders shop erected the site of the present museum


1753       John Wesley came to preach


1754       Frances Lelean (daughter of Mary) founded the first Methodists Sunday



1775       Act of Parliament obtained for the building of a new pier, boatyard,

            pilchard cellars and packing shed

1800s  Peak of smuggling trade in Mevagissey. 1809,population of Mevagissey

            around 2500


1824       Collapse of Mevagissey bank. Many local people suffered financially


1830 1870 64 seines operated from Mevagissey but the introduction of drift

             fishing brought about their demise


1849       Serious cholera epidemic most of the village evacuated to tented

             accommodation at Portmellon


1850       80 fishing vessels registered as working from the port, 320 people



1866       Act of Parliament obtained to allow the enlargement of the harbour


1869           Mevagissey became a lifeboat station. The first boat the South

               Warwickshire housed at Portmellon


1887           Hon. John Piers St Aubyn restored church


1895           Small power station built on the West Quay Mevagissey believed to be

               the first place in Cornwall to have street lit by electricity


1896            Second lifeboat arrived the James Chisholm. Remained in service

               until 1930


1912            Pilchard fishing industry thriving. At the peak of the season drifters

               landed as much as 500 tons a day


1936            End of the herring fishing in Mevagissey


1968            Mevagissey Museum opened 1980. New boat building yard established

               next to the museum.


1980            The fishing industry declined further but tourism developed



      1998/99  Refurbishment of the harbour, at a cost of 1000000