1....In loving memory of Edwin beloved husband of Elizabeth Shinner  

late of H. M. Dockyard died March 16th 1934 aged 70 years+


2....In loving memory of Charles Henry beloved husband of Clara Michael  

who passed peacefully away at Tregavarras October 7th 1934 aged 77 years

At Rest+


3....In loving memory of Joseph Bunny who died at Treveor May 17th 1938 aged 87

Also Mary his wife died January 26th 1943 aged 91 years

Ever remembered by their children+


4....In loving memory of John dearly beloved husband of Susan Hurrell  

who passed peacefully away on August 25th 1938 aged 78

Waiting the dawn

Also Susan wife of the above died at Glenmore Gorran Haven July 24th 1943 aged 82

In Gods keeping+


5....In loving memory of Ray Rowse died at 

Tregerrick January 20th 1938  aged 58 

At rest+


6....In loving memory of Annie Elizabeth the beloved wife of William Nicholls  

who died at Gorran Haven May 7th 1933 aged 56 years

Edward C Michael late of Tregondean died May 2nd 1933 aged 53+


7.... In loving memory of Agnes Richards died 9th October 1932

Eleanor W Richards died 21st December 1913

Jane Richards died 29th September 1919+


8....In loving memory of Ada Maud Trewin beloved wife of Alfred Trewin who died at

 Gorran May 1st 1932 aged 58 years+


9....In ever loving memory of Elizabeth Longwell the dearly beloved 

wife of John Billing who died at Flushing Falmouth January 4th 1929 aged 85 years

Jesu lover of my soul

Eternal Rest he gives his own

And our beloved has entered in the Fathers House the Heavenly Home

Secure from sorrow pain and sin

Also of the above John Billing who died at Flushing Falmouth 

January 13th 1932 aged 84 years

For ever with the Lord+


10....Noah died June 25th 1932 aged 75 years

At Rest Loten  +


11....Stephen John Shaw of Bosprennis Portmellon and Ilford Essex. 

Departed this live July 5th 1937 aged 69

Peace Perfect Peace+


 12....Esther Harvey who died January 6th 1932 aged 82 years

He gives his beloved sleep+


13....In loving memory of Charles J W Moyes died 10th April 1936 aged 84 years

Rest in peace+


14....In loving memory of Elizabeth Maria beloved wife of William Richard Nott  

died at Trevarrick December 21st 1930 aged 70 years and William Richard  

her husband died November 1st 1952 aged 85 years

At rest+


15....In loving memory of our dear parents John Andrew  

died 22nd November 1948 aged 86

Emily Andrew died 28th February aged 80



16....In loving memory of John Nott died at Trevarrick September 1870 aged 41

Also of Mary Jane his wife who died at Trevesson April 24th 1928 aged 98 and

John Nicholas their son died at Trevarrick May 2nd 1876 aged 6 years

At Rest+


17....In loving memory of Joe Grose beloved son of Thomas Henry  

and Jane Annear Grose died at Trevesson August 28th 1928 aged 43 years

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death 

I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me+


18....In Sacred memory of Thomas Henry beloved husband of Jane Annear Grose  

died at Trevesson January 9th 1931 aged 70 years

Sorrow Vanquished labour ended Jordan Passed

And Jane Annear his beloved wife entered into rest at the Milfords Gorran

January 19th 1949 aged 87

For her to live was Christ to die was gain

(These were all buried in one large grave)+


19....In loving memory Fredrick John beloved husband of A W Whetter of 

Lamledra died May 15th 1930 aged 47 years 

Sleep on

Also his beloved wife Ada Mary died £rd March 1966 aged 83+


20....In loving memory of Annie Maria Wyatt late of Pedmore Worcestershire 

who died March 10th 1936

Charles Walter Wyatt husband of the above died October 21st 1938+


21....In loving memory John Chesterfield who died 12th June 1938 aged 84 years+


22....George beloved husband of Lucy Martyn died February 3rd 1935 aged 66+


23....In memory of my dearest son Ernest Patten died May 11th 1933 aged 49 years+


24....In loving memory of William the beloved husband of Edith Beer  

who died at Gorran Haven May 12th 1929 aged 78 years

There failed not aught of any good thing, 

which the Lord had spoken all came to pass Joshua 21.45+


25....Olive Oliver died April 1929 aged 72 years

Thy will be done+


26....Ellen A Bryant died February 28th 1828 aged 12 years+


27....In loving memory of David beloved husband of Jane Maria Ivey  

died at Tregavarras April 20th 1927 aged 72 years+


28....Eliza Ann Billing 1841 – 1921+


29....In memory of Henry Fergason Jarvis died August 5th 1913+


30....In loving memory of Frederick the beloved son of John and Mary Burns 

who died at Rescassa January 15th 1912 aged 19 years

Lead kindly light

Also of Michael their youngest son who was reported missing 

on the Somme in France July 23rd 1916 aged 21 years+


31....In loving memory of Grace Griere Whetter died at 

Newquay May 26th 1922 aged 65+


32....In loving memory of Mary Trewin wife of the late William Thomas Trewin  

died at Gorran April 1937 aged 84 years

Great was her faith+


33....In loving memory of Peter Whetter who died at 

Penare February 4th 1938 aged 93 years

At rest+


34....In loving memory of Ethel wife of Thomas H Addy who 

died February 28th 1939 aged 56 years

She bore the cross and won the crown+


35....Sarah Susanna Hurrell died November 28th 1939 aged 85+


36....In loving memory of Edith Pomery beloved wife of William Beer  

who died at Gorran Haven January 14th 1940 aged 87 years

Come ye blessed of my Father inherit the Kingdom

Prepared for you from the foundation of the World

Matthew 25.34+


37....In loving memory of Jane Maria beloved wife of David Ivey  

died 12th March 1940 aged 78 years

Always remembered+

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