1....In loving memory of Peter Rowe Leonard died 28th July 1971 aged 38 years

Trust in God

Also A beloved son Robert George Leonard Whatty  

died 14th Dec 1977 aged 17 years+


2....In loving memory of Claude Husband died February 22 1972 aged 55 years

Treasure him Lord in your garden of rest+


3....Sacred to the memory of William Richard (Elim) Grose who 

died at Tregerrick Gorran June 2 1972 aged 83 years and of Gwen his wife 

died April 19th 1976 aged 78 years.

In heavenly love abiding +


4....In loving memory of Henry Hunkin who passed away 

October 3rd 1973 aged 88 years and of Eva his wife who passed away 

December 22nd 1972 aged 82 years.

There shall be no more pain+


  6....In loving memory of Edwin Liddicoat Died May 17th 1933 aged 56 years

At Rest+


7....In Memory of Walter Charles Banner passed away April 6 1972 aged 77

Sadly missed by wife Olive and Son Norman


Also Olive his wife 1906  -  1991

In Memory of Norman died May 2 1908 aged 53 years buried at sea+


8....In loving memory of Madie dearly loved daughter of Walter and Olive Banner  

and sister of Norman passed away 20th October 1970

Rest In Peace+


9....In loving memory of William J Hocking died 13th April 1971 aged 69 years

Until the day break

Also his dear wife Gwendoline died 11th February 1995 aged 90 years



10....In loving memory of Laurie Gandy died 7th April 1974+


11....In loving memory of our parents Ivy Hettie Rowse of Trevarrick 

died 2nd November 1974 aged 71 years Richard Morley Rowse  

died 13th April 1975 aged 65 years+


12....In loving memory of William Vercoe died 16th September 1973 aged 72+


13....To the dear memory of George Augustus Aloridge who 

died 11th July 1973 aged 72 years

And his wife Constance Edith died 28th April 1986+


14....In loving memory of John Thomas beloved husband of Ruby  

died 21st January 1975 aged 81 years

Also of Ruby Alexandra died 4th August 1995 aged 94 years both of Trevascus Gorran.

Their kindly presence we miss

Their memory we treasure+


15....In loving memory of Leslie George Dominy died 17th May 1976 aged 73  

and of his wife Dorothy Lilian died 10th August 1987 aged 85 of Trelispen Park+


16....In loving memory of John Vercoe who died on 30th October 1976 aged 77

At rest

Also of his wife Helen Wade Vercoe who died on 26th April 1978 aged 78



17....Edward Prynn   16 - 4 - 1895    -      27 - 1 - 1977+


18....Florence Evelyn Wright died 26th September 1976 aged 85 years widow of

  Frederick Edward Wright who died 20th October 1962 aged 67 years 

and mother of Madge Marr +


19....In treasured memory of our dear mother Ester Rye Eliza Shiers  

died 18th September 1975 aged 81

A beautiful memory left behind+


20....In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Bunney died 25th February 1977 aged 91+


21....In loving memory of Grace Alice Inee Brown died March 17th 1977 

aged 89 wife of Philip Pill formerly widow of Richard Billing+


22....Hilda Beatrice Blythman 21st August 1891  -  9th December 1977 

with the ashes of her nephew

George Henry Adams 29th June 1911  -  16th May 1985+


23....In loving memory of Leonard Vercoe died February 4th 1978 aged 64 years.

In heavenly loving abiding

Also his beloved wife Edith Lorraine died September 23rd 1996 aged 80 years



24....In loving memory of Mildred Grose of Trentham died 20th November 1977 

aged 52 Mother of  Roger and Paul and Wife of Richard Thomas+


25....Johnson In loving memory of Leonard died June 18th 1977 aged 73. 

Sadly missed by wife Nellie, son Leonard and daughter Marian.

Treasure him Lord in thy garden of rest

Also Nellie died January 14th 1994 aged 90 beloved wife and mother so sadly missed+


26....Frank Oscar Mattson 1887  -  1971 and his wife Edith 1899  -  1983



27....In loving memory of Stephen Roger Longley died September 6th 1979 aged 40.

 Husband of Ann, father of Justin, Catherine and Emma

And his servants shall serve him and they shall see his face+


28....In loving memory of Edward John Adams died 27th November 1979 

and his brother Samuel Adams died 4th June 1980

They giveth his beloved sleep+


29....In loving memory of Harold Stoker who died at Gorran Haven 

on 6th March 1980 aged 56

At rest+


30....In loving memory of Annie Mary Yelland September 1905  -  December 1979+


31....In loving memory of Philip Henry Burgess died 27th August 1979 aged 86 

and his wife Christine Katherine died 29th December 1967 aged 72+


32....In loving memory of Frederick Neville (Bill) Treweek-Dew  

9th April 1909  - 21st April 1979.

Also his wife Joan 8th November 1910  -  17th April 1997+


33....In loving memory of Harold Ann kendal 21/11/1892 to 11/12/1981 

and her daughter Violet Irene (Bobbie) Burnham 21/10/1920 to 26/10/1993

Rest in peace+


34....In loving memory of Charles Donald Letcher of Treveor 1906  -  1980

Also his wife Mary Boaden Letcher died 4th May 1999 aged 85 years



35....In loving memory of Thomas Grose who died June 6th 1980 aged 92. 

Beloved father of Joan and Barbara beloved husband of Ida May who 

died September 9th 1983 aged 89

The Lord is thy keeper

In loving memory of Joan Grose who passed away August 25th 1984 aged 68 

darling sister and Auntie of Barbara John and family

Treasured memories+


36....In loving memory of Alice Mary Nye (nee Adams) of Trennick 

died 3rd January 1983+


37....In loving memory of Miriam Richardson 19th February 1907   -  28th May 1980+


38....In loving memory of William Lowry Pearce Richards 1893  -  1953 

and his wife Ella 1891  - 1957+


39....In loving memory of Olive May Knowles beloved wife of Leslie  

who died 25th July 1983 aged 78 years

Abide with me

Also Leslie Alfred her beloved husband died 4th April 1987 aged 81 years



40....Treasured memories of Emily Jane (Jenny) Ablett of 

Rice Farm died 2nd October 1985+


41....Treasured memories of William (Bill) Pill beloved husband of Lily died 

September 13th 1984 aged 70

Till we meet again

Also his beloved wife Lily died February 9th 1990 aged 70 years



42....Treasured memories of Dorothy Jane Patten much loved 

wife of Edward (Ted) died 21st June 1986 aged 67+


43....Reflections Vernie Rachel Marsh died 1st January 1987

Words cannot convey our love for you+


44....In loving memory of Sheila Jean Wright died 24th March 1987 aged 62

Always in our thoughts

Also her beloved husband James Aubrey died 9th February 1989 aged 70 years



45....In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother Elizabeth Mc Callum  

who died 6th January 1988 aged 76 years+


46....In loving memory of Myrtle Lessey  Grayer died 9th June 1980 aged 63 years

Also Douglas Bouts Grayer died 1st November 1996 aged 78



47....Treasured memories of Sheila Muriel Monks died 23rd January 1981 aged 45.

 Loving wife of Oswald Mother of Jane and Stephen+


48....In loving memory of William Rowse died 23rd July 1981 aged 85 years+


49....In loving memory of Charles Henry Liddicoat died 

25th September 1981 aged 78 years

Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Jane died 14th January 1992 aged 89 years 

devoted parents of Rosemary and much loved by all their children



50....In loving memory of Leslie John Rowse passed away 15th March 1983 aged 65

 and his beloved wife Dorothy Gwendoline passed away 10th May 1994 aged 74

Together in God's care+


51....In loving memory of our daughter Christie Alexandra O' Brian  

aged 4 weeks always in our thoughts+


52....In remembrance of James Bernard Thomas 1928  -  1988+


53....In loving memory of Arthur Basil (Bill) Nash died 13thJuly 1988 aged 62 years

Beloved husband of Madeline and father of Tony

Rest in Peace+


54....In loving memory of Helena Hocking Prideaux  

15th October 1899  -  30th December 1989 

and her husband Donald Arundell Prideaux  

25th April 1896  -  27th December 1991+


55....In loving memory of Stanley Joseph (Joe) Grose of 

Trevarrick Farm dear husband of Margaret  1928  -  1989+


56...."Geoff" Geoffrey Peter Scott July 1963  - August 1984

Dearly beloved husband son and brother dear friend to Mary  

whatever we were to each other that we still are+


57....In loving memory of Lydia May Phillips formerly of Burton on Trent

27th November 1904  -  27th August 1989+


58....In loving memory of Joan Ann Brewster 4th October 1937  -  7th August 1987 

wife of Paul mother of  Sarah and John

God bless you+


59....Martha Leonie Teague of Gorran Haven died 6th March 1989 aged 83

In heavenly love abiding+


60....In loving memory of William John Carbis died 23rd February 1991 aged 84 years

Great is thy faithfulness+


61....In loving memory of Frederick Ronald Squires 27 - 5 - 1991 aged 72 years

Devoted husband Father and Granddad+


62....In loving memory of Alfred Robert Liddicoat died September 19th 1991 aged 88

 years beloved husband of Agnes

Also Agnes died 24th March 1996 aged 94 years



63....In loving memory of Guy Francis Hunt a dear son and grandson. 

Passed away 30th November 1991 aged 27 years+


64....In memory of our beloved son Eric Johns 1943 - 1993

Peace at last+


65....In memory of Gordon Charles Collins - Jones 7th August 1993 aged 68 years

 beloved husband and father+


66....Remembered with love Nellie (Ellen) Rouse nee Harvey  

died 1st March 1993 aged 91 beloved wife of Harold

Also Harold George Rouse died 27th January 1994 aged 91

Reunited for eternity

Also their daughter Hazel Evans died 6th March 1998 aged 68+


67....In loving memory of Rosemary Georgina Rowse  

died 9th March 1992 aged 62 years beloved wife mother and grandmother

Treasured memories+


68....Cherished memories of Robert Neil Orchard (Robbie) aged 4 years 

precious son of Tony and Neil

A tiny flower lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven+


69....With precious memories of our lovely mum Agatha Maureen Jenkins  

passed away 19th July 1995 aged 63 years

Forever in our thoughts+


70....In loving memory of Janet ( Jan) Irene Husband  

died 26th February 1994 aged 44 years gone are the days 

we used to share but in our hearts you are always there+


71....Estelle +


72....Treasured memories Phyllis Ashcroft 25th April 1898  -  22nd September 1996

Beloved mother and nanny

Remembered with love+


73....In loving memory of John Frederick Charles Whetter (Jack

23rd November 1913  -  8th January 1997+


74....In loving memory of William Lewis Husband beloved husband of Mary  

dear father of Robert, John and George 16th January 1914  -  3rd January 1998+


75....In loving memory of Jennifer Sandra Trethewey wife of Norman 

and mother of Charlotte died 21st April 1999 aged 51 years+


76....Sacred to the memory of John May Edwards late of this parish who 

departed this life on the 7th September in the year of our Lord 1848 aged 27 years

Reader prepare to meet thy God

Farewell ye weeping friends  adieu

The friend of sinners now I view

Hail happy hour my soul is free

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

1st Corn XV chap XXV1 verse+


77....Sacred to the memory of Harriet the beloved wife of William Northcott  

who died February the 7th 1851 aged 54 years

Also of the above William Northcott who died at Camels in the Parish of Veryan

 December 12th 1862 in the 70th year of his life

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord+


78....Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth the daughter of William and Ann Northcott

 died at Trevennen in this Parish October the 23rd 1839 aged 23 years

Also to the memory of Philip the son of William and Harriot Northcott of Trevennen

 died July 18th 1833 aged 5 years

They sleep in Jesus and are blest,

How sweet their slumber are

From suffering and from sins released

And freed from every snare+


79....Here lies the body of Ann Ye daughter of Stephen Dadda  

who departed this life February Ye 18 1786 aged 8 years

Here also lies the body of Eliz Ye wife of Stephen Dadda who 

departed this life August Ye 18 1786 aged 47 years+


80.....In loving memory of William Pearce of Tregerrick 

who entered into rest March 14th 1889

Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him

Also of Jane Allen his wife died at Tregerrick July 6th 1923 aged 85 years

At rest+


81....In loving memory of William Jenkin who died in the Lord 

at Gorran Haven in this Parish May 9th 1889 aged 72 years

The memory of the just is blessed

And his wife Petronella Grose who entered into rest May 6th 1903 aged 83 years

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord+


82....In memory of William Collingwood Hughes born July 17th 1830 

Accidentally drowned at Gorran Haven July 3rd 1889

His mercy endureth for ever+


83....Sacred to the memory of Frederick son of Robert and Grace Lanyon  

of this Parish Who departed this life July 11th, 1851 aged 22 years

Also Calib son of the above Robert and Grace Lanyon who departed this life

 September 11th, 1857 aged 22 years


Robert T Lanyon of Trevascus  in this Parish departed this life November 21st, 1831

 aged ??? leaving a widow and eight children ///////////////+


84....Sacred to the memory of Grace wife of Robert Lanyon late of Trevascus 

in this Parish who departed this life January Ye 11th, 1860 aged 74 years.

Blessed are the dead and ??? die in the Lord from henceforth yea save the spirit that they

 may rest from their labour and their work do follow them+


85....Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Parnall the wife of William Parnall of

 Trewallow in this Parish who departed this life September the 7th, 1832 aged 36



Also Mary Ann the daughter of William and Mary Ann Parnall who departed this life

 October 30th, 1836 in the 11th, year of her age to be with Christ which is her better+


86....Sacred to the memory of Dorothy Jane Hearle daughter of Jane Hearle of this

 Parish who departed this life April 24th, 1843 aged 2 years

The great Jehovah full of love

The messenger did send

To call his little babe away

To joys that never end+


87....Sacred to the memory of Charity beloved wife of Robert Lanyon  

of Treveague in this Parish who entered into rest June 13th, 1891 aged 77 years

Thy will de done

Also of the above named Robert Lanyon  

born November 2nd, 1819 died March 2nd, 1920 aged 100 years+


88....In loving memory of Jane the wife of Robert May of this Parish 

who died on the 8th, day of April 1835 aged 68 years

Prepare to meet thy God+


89....Sacred to the memory of Richard Nott of this Parish who departed 

this life on the 10th day of April in the year of our Lord 1921 aged 85 years

Also in memory of Benjamin Nott who departed this life 

on the 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 1821 aged 83 years

Likewise are interred the remains of Nicholas Nott of Trevesan in this Parish who

 departed this life the 20th of November 1825 in the 68th year of his age+


90....Sacred to the memory of Peter Whetter late of Benhurden in this Parish 

who departed this life February 1850 aged 66 years

Also Catherine late wife of the above who died on the 7th May 1857 aged 71 years+


91....In loving memory of Peter Whetter the beloved husband of Mary Ann Whetter  

of Trelispen who died November 23rd 1891 aged 78 years

A kind and affectionate Father

Also Mary Ann his beloved wife who died October 4th 1916 aged 88 years

Peace perfect peace

Also their son Charles H who died April 29th 1867 aged 5 months+


92....In loving memory of Thomas Whetter who died at Benhurden in this Parish

 November 15th 1860 aged 34 years

Also of Catherine eldest daughter of the above 

who died October 16th 1867 aged 16 years

Also Thomas Henry his eldest son who died January 1st 1871 aged 19 years

A sleep in Jesus+

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