1....In loving memory of Mary Alice beloved wife of George Wade Whetter  

died 6th January 1963 aged 80 years.

In Gods keeping+


2....In loving memory of Edna Lilian Maxwell Robertson  

died December 17th, 1963+


3....In loving memory of Olive Doreen dearly beloved wife of Francis Lea  

died May 6th, 1964 aged 64 years+


4....Sacred to the memory of Francis Noel Laffitte late of 

Jamaica British West Indies who died 12th February 1960 aged 83 years.

Also his wife Julia died 14th January 1966 aged 84 years.

The day thou gavest Lord is ended+


5....In loving memory of Richard Harold beloved husband of Elizabeth Wilmot

 died October 12th, 1959 aged 82 years. 

Also Elizabeth Wilmot died November 1st, 1961 aged 85 years.



6....In loving memory of William Henry Patten Billing of Flushing, Falmouth 

who died March 11th, 1960 aged 85 years

At rest.

Also Ellen Billing his sister died March 13th, 1965 aged 78 years+


7....Avis Muriel King wife of Geoffrey died 3rd March 1961 aged 58 years.

Her mother Mary King Trewin (Lies nearby).

Our daughter Avis Mary (Lies at Plymstock).

Be not afraid only believe+


8....In loving memory of Ellen Mary Titford (Nurse) 

died 24th November 1962 aged 81 years.+


9....Amey Annie Davis died 8th October 1975 aged 84 years.

Gerald Robert James Davis died on active service R.A.F. 

12th September 1942 aged 22 years

R. I. P+


10....In loving memory of Edwin Brewer Lanyon of Streets Gorran beloved

 husband of Susie Violet died 19th December 1962 aged 66. 


And Susan Violet died 11th October 1992 aged 92 years+


11....In loving memory of Sherwood Jory beloved husband of Jane  

died 27th March 1959 aged 75 years+


12....In loving memory of John Pill Hennah died 10th August 1960 aged 91 years.

Also of Ellen his beloved wife died 22nd September 1960 aged 88 years+


13....John Michell 1886  -  1960 Late of Tregondean, 

Gorran in loving memory of Uncle Jack+


14....In loving memory of our dear sister Lina Oliver  

died 24th June 1962 aged 72 years.

He giveth his beloved sleep+


15....In loving memory of William Nicholls dear husband of Bertha  

died 21st February 1962 aged 83 years+


16....In loving memory of Eva wife of Francis Lea and daughter of 

William and Edith Beer died 12th August 1961+


17....In memory of a loving husband and father Jack Walter Batten  

who died 17th March 1960 aged 61 years. 

Love and remembrance live forever

and Margaret Louisa beloved wife and mother died 2nd May 1970 aged 77 years

Re-united In loving memory

of Clara Louisa the loved wife of Charles Henry Michell of Tregavarras 

died 2nd July 1958 aged 90 years.

At rest+


18....In loving memory of Elizabeth Catherine beloved wife of John Thomas Liddicoat

died 28th December 1957. 

Also John Thomas Liddicoat her beloved husband died 12th May 1958.

In Gods keeping+


19....In loving memory of our dear parents Mary Jane Vercoe  

died 24th November 1957 aged 85 years John Vercoe died 11th July 1958.

At rest+


20....William Henry Sanford born 1890 died January 1958 and his 

wife Mary Sanford born Ohio, USA 1890 died April 1958+


21....In loving memory of Thomas (Tom) Whetter beloved husband 

of Evelyn died 17th July 1958 aged 65 years+


22....In loving memory of Robert Nicholls born 1st March 1901 

died 13th February 1958 and his beloved wife Mary 

born 15th October 1895 died 9th October 1988+


23....In loving memory of Alfred Hill died 19th May 1960 aged 76 years+


24....In loving memory of Clara Louisa the loved wife of Charles Henry Michell  

of Tregavarras died 2nd July 1958 aged 90 years.

At rest+


25....In ever loving memory of Edward Albert Pinson  

died 27th December 1955 aged 53 years.

Also his wife Winifred Doris died 24th November 1997 aged 96 years+


26....In loving memory of Henry Thomas Fautley beloved husband 

of Martha died 6th December 1954 aged 74 years+


27....In loving memory of George Fraser Dixon died 

12th January 1955 aged 92 years.

Also Henrietta Jane his beloved wife died 26th July 1954 aged 87 years.

The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God+


28....In loving memory of Andrew Patten who died June 20th, 1954.

Also Emily his beloved wife who died November 17th, 1983 aged 88 years.

Rest in peace+


29....In loving memory of Mary Ann Patten died 29th August 1955 aged 70 years.

Also John husband of the above died 14th July 1960 aged 87 years.

Peace perfect peace+


30....In treasured memory of our parents William Michell   1873  -  1956.  

Alethea Michell   1880  -  1956+


31....In loving memory of Samuel George Rowse died 

at Tregerrick 12th June 1957 aged 59 years.

Forever in our thoughts+


32....In loving memory of Frank beloved husband of C. M. Kitto  

died 10th June 1953 aged 53 years

At rest.

Also his wife Claudeen Myrtle Kitto died 8th February 1984 aged 82 years.

Also his parents Jacob R. and Ethel F. Kitto died 1955 and brother 

Hugh R. Kitto (GPL.R. 1st D. Y) Killed in action in Palestine 

3rd December 1917 aged 22 years.

Also in loving memory of William John Kitto died 11th December 1978+


33....In loving memory of Winifred Pomery beloved wife of Edwin Liddicoat  

died at Gorran Haven 10th June 1954 aged 63 years.

In heavenly love abiding+


34....In memory of Arabella Mary Wyatt of Gorran Haven 

(Beloved sister of Lucy Moore) who died 1st April 1955+


35....In loving memory of William May died 12th May 1955 aged 89 years+


36....In loving memory of Sampson N. Yelland of Rescassa Gorran 

died 29th September 1955 aged 60 years.

 A sleep in Gods Garden+


37....In loving memory of my dear mother Laura Ball  

died 5th May 1956 aged 71 years.

Also my dear father Charles Ball died of wounds in France 

3rd April 1918 aged 41 years.

At rest+


38....Sarah Ann Shaw died 15th February 1956 widow of Stephen John Shaw  

of Portmellon.

Loving remembrance by family and friends+


39....In loving memory of

Samuel Albert Hodgkins died 7th December 1954 aged 84 years.

Also Joannah his beloved wife died 7th September 1942 aged 73 years. 

Interred at Newbold - on - Stour+


40....In loving memory of Adelaide Beatrice widow of 

Charles Fredrick George Grieber died February 6th, 1954 aged 78 years.

At rest+


41....In loving memory of our Uncle James May died 

30th January 1954 aged 85 years+


42....In loving memory of

 Rowland Griffiths died 7th August 1953 aged 63 years and his wife

Adelaide Louisa died 5th  February 1955 aged 65 years+


43....In loving memory of James Liddicoat died 1st April 1953 aged 74 years 

and Bessie Liddicoat died 8th May 1961 aged 78 years+


44....In loving memory of my devoted husband Charles H Burns +


45....Hurrell  In loving memory of my dear husband Maurice drowned 

October 21st,  1964 aged 72 years 

O love divine +


46....In loving memory of Beatrice Annie Michael loving wife of Charles  

died at Tregavarras January 31st 1964 aged 80 years Frederick Charles Michael

 died December 25th ,1975 aged 91 years+


47....In loving memory Of Emily Anne the beloved wife of

William Ball and mother of John died 13th March 1963 aged 73 years and

William Pomery Ball died 22nd April 1979 aged 81 years+


48....In loving and treasured memory of Leonard Henry Billing dear 

husband of Hilda called home 14th January 1963 aged 73 years

Love is Eternal 

Also Hida Maud beloved wife of the above died 19th May 1980 aged 88 years+


49....In loving memory of Jacob Robins Liddicoat died 30th August 1963.

In Gods keeping

and his wife Caroline died 6th February 1976 aged 91 years and 11 months+


50....In loving memory of John Oliver died September 22nd, 1963 aged 78 years 

a devoted husband and father.

Forever with the Lord

Also Elsie May Oliver died November 2nd, 1987 aged 96 years

Lovingly remembered+


51....In happy memory of Wallace Coombe died 

24th September 1963 aged 72 years.

Loved by everyone.

Also his beloved wife Maren Oline born in November 1892 

died 30th November 1981 aged 89 years



52....In loving memory of Llewellyn Juleff died December 8th, 1963 aged 71 years

 and his wife Thomasine died February 23rd, 1964 aged 80 years+


53....In loving memory of Ethel Jane beloved wife of Stephen Spear  

died 28th, March 1965 aged 80 years

Also Stephen, her beloved husband died 25th March 1971 aged 87 years





55....Treasured memories of my beloved husband Frank died 26th June.

 In memory ever dear and his beloved wife Kathleen May 1801  -  1988+


56....In loving memory Ellen Dudley died 12th October 1966 aged 87 years

Also her beloved husband George Riggs Dudley died 2nd May 1967 aged 90 years.

Gone but no forgotten+


57....In loving memory of Mary Pollard died 16th June 1969 aged 76 years

At rest+


58....In loving memory of Samuel John Rowse of Barwick, Tregony 1893  -  1971

Also Ethel his beloved wife 1892  -  1980

Also in loving memory

of Arthur Rowse elder son of John and Ethel 1919  -  1981 

At peace+

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