1....Coombe To the dear memory of my beloved husband Cyrus passed 

over 25th April 1946 aged 51 years

I hope to see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar and 

his wife Ida May Coombe died 21st March 1970 aged 74 years+


2....In loving memory of Richard Oliver who died at Gorran Haven 

October 27th 1945 aged 62 years

Also of Elizabeth Louisa his beloved wife died December 16th, 1945 

aged 65 years

Ever remembered+


3....In loving memory of William Williams Richards died 

March 13th, 1945 aged 76 years

Also Ellen Kate his beloved wife died August 10th, 1954 aged 88 years+


4....In loving memory of William Henry Bunney died 

March 29th, 1950 aged 72 years

Peace perfect peace+


5....In loving memory of Edith Kent died February 19th, 1950 aged 84 years+


6....John Wilson born at Edinburgh August 10th, 1873  died 

at Gorran October 25th 1944

I am the resurrection and life+


7....Guy Foster Barham M. D born at Bridgewater 22nd June 1873 

died at Gorran Haven 30th August 1944+


8....In loving memory of William Solomon Parnall the beloved 

husband of Annie of Trewallow Gorran who died August 26th, 1943 aged 65 years

Sleep on beloved+


9....In loving memory of Annie M Youlton died September 19th, 1943 aged 71 years

Also William Youlton beloved husband of the above died 

March 19th, 1944 aged 81 years

 Peace perfect peace+


10....To the dear and happy memory of Muriel Beatrice Dovey  

of the Priory Hayling Island+


11....In loving memory of Albert Edward the beloved husband of 

Margaret A. Paddy who fell asleep at Tregavassas 15th July 1942 aged 64 years

Also of Margaret his beloved wife passed  peacefully away

22nd July 1960 aged 81 years



12....In loving memory of Stephen John Shaw of Bosprennis Portmellon 

and Ilford Essex. Departed this life July 5th, 1937 aged 59 years

 Peace perfect peace+


13....In loving memory of Ray Rowse died at Tregerrick 

January 20th, 1938 aged 58 years+


14....In memory of William Nicholas Liddicoat beloved 

son of Thomas and Catherine Liddicoat died October 14th, 1941 aged 63 years

Until the day dawns+


15....Jenifer Elizabeth Sandy born in Simla September 7th, 1929 

died at Gorran October 3rd, 1941

Of such is the kingdom of heaven+


16....In loving memory of Jane Maria beloved wife of David Ivey  

died 12th, March 1940 aged 78 years

Always remembered+


 17....In loving memory of Mary Jane Allen who died at 

Tregavarras 15th March 1940 aged 82 years

At rest

William Jago Allen her beloved husband who died at Tregavarras 

4th November 1955 aged 98 years



18....In ever loving memory of John dearly beloved husband of Susan Hurrell  

who passed peacefully away on August 25th, 1938 aged 78 years

Waiting the dawn

Also Susan wife of the above died at Glemore Gorran Haven 

July 24th, 1943 aged 82 years

In Gods keeping+


19....In loving memory of Elizabeth Longwell the dearly beloved 

wife of John Billing who died at Flushing Falmouth January 4th, 1929 aged 85 years

 Jesu lover of my soul

 Eternal rest gives his own and our beloved has entered in the fathers house

 the heavenly home secure from sorrow pain and sin

Also of the above John Billing who died at Flushing Falmouth 

January 13th, 1932 aged 84 years

For ever with the Lord+


20....In loving memory of our dear parents John Andrew  

died 22nd November 1948 aged 86 years

Emily Andrew died 26th February 1952 aged 80 years



23....In memory of Alfred Trewin died May 19th, 1935 aged 58 years

 It is the wish of the people of Ashford - in Middlesex it should be here recorded

 that he was loved by their children and respected by their men+


24....In loving memory of Mary Trewin wife of the late William Thomas Trewin

 died at Gorran April 1937 aged 84 years

Great was her faith+


25....In loving memory of Edwin beloved husband of Elizabeth Shinner  

late of H. M. Dockyard died March 16th, 1934 aged 70 years+


26....In memory of Ada Maud Trewin beloved wife of Alfred Trewin who 

died at Gorran May 1st, 1932 aged 58 years+


27....In loving memory of Avice Ann Couch beloved wife of Samuel Adams died

 March 5th, 1939 aged 73 years and of  Samuel Adams beloved husband of the

 above who also died at Treninick November 17th, 1946 aged 78 years

Also their daughter Christine Elizabeth Adams died 1st September 1975.

So he giveth his beloved sleep+


28....In cherished memory of Walter Henry husband of Edith A. Cox who passed

 peacefully away at Gorran Haven December 12th, 1940.

 In heavenly love abiding+


29....In memory of Fanny Mary beloved wife of William  May  

died October 5th, 1942 aged 84 years+


30....Sacred to the memory of dearly loved husband Thomas Gerald Hardy  

of Menagwins who died on 22nd September 1963 aged 65 years.

Every mans work shall be made manifest for the day shall declarest.

I will see you again and your heart shall rejoice and your joy no man taketh from you

and his beloved wife Ellen Lavrua Chatworthey(Lily) of Menagwins 

who died on 5th January 1978 aged 76 years.

In the presence is fullness of joy+


31....Sacred to the memory of my beloved mother Ellen Youlton who passed 

from this life on September 6th, 1941 aged 72 years.

Loved  and remembered by her daughter and Son in law

Ellen Lavinia Chatworthy(Lily) and Thomas Gerald Hardy+


32....In loving memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of John Varcoe died at 

Rescassa July 18th, 1912 aged 76 years+


33....In loving memory of Catherine Jane wife of Thomas Liddicoat  

died October 3rd, 1922 aged 66 years.

In thy presence is fullness of joy.

Also of Thomas beloved husband of the above died at Gorran Haven 

March 18th, 1924 aged 71 years+


34....In loving memory of William Harvey who 

died November 3rd,.1922 aged 76 years.

For ever with the Lord+


35....In loving memory of Elizabeth Skinner wife of the late Edwin Skinner  

who died at Gorran Haven April 25th, 1940 aged 74 years+


36....In loving memory of Frederick the beloved son of John and Mary Burns  

who died at Rescassa January 15th, 1912 aged 19 years.

Lead kindly light.

Also Michael their youngest son who was reported missing on the Somme in France

 July 23rd, 1916 aged 21 years+


37....In memory of Henry Ferguson Jarvis died August 5th, 1913+


38....In loving memory of Jane beloved wife of George Wade Whetter died at

Gorran Haven June 5th, 1921 aged 53 years.

Peace perfect peace

Until the day break and the shadows flee away.

In loving memory of Mary Jane beloved wife of John Whetter of Lambledra farm

Gorran died June 27th, 1921 aged 70 years+


39....Jane Hill who died January 19th, 1901 aged 51 years.

Not gone from memory.

Not gone from love+


40....In loving memory of Ephraim Hill who die March 5th, 1905 aged 73 years.

Also of Elizabeth Ann his beloved wife who died May 30th, 1905 aged 75 years.

Thy will be done+


41....In loving memory of Sarah widow of James Melhuish Carveth of Lancallen,

Gorran who fell asleep May 23rd and was buried in 

her 80th birthday may 27th, 1905.

Also of James the eldest son who died November 26th, 1905 aged 51 years.

Until the day break+


42....In loving memory of Susan Jane the beloved wife of Richard Pomeroy  

who fell asleep at Gorran Haven July 7th, 1911 aged 67 years.

Also of Richard her beloved husband died May 22nd, 1929 aged 81 years.

Underneath are the everlasting arms+

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