1....In loving memory of John Wade who died March 5th, 1896 aged 42 years

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Also of Eliza Pomery who died July 1st, 1896 aged 64 years

Her end was peace+


2....In loving memory of Thomas husband of Honor Tonkin Bassett  

who died at Trevarrick Gorran September 18th, 1897 aged 75 years+


3....Sacred to the memory of Patience James wife of Thomas James  

of this Parish who died October 8th, 1845 aged 63 years

Also  ///////////////// this spot lies the remains three of their 

children Edw - Ann and Honor+


4....Sacred to the memory of John Nott late of this Parish who departed this life

 March 9th,1852 aged 82 years. 

Also to the memory of Mary wife of the above who departed this 

life September 29th, 1854 aged 82 years. 

Likewise to the memory of James son of John and Mary Nott who 

departed this life December 9th, 1838 aged 20 years.

Also to the memory of Nicholas son of the above who departed this 

life December 4th, 1850 aged 37 years+


5....In loving memory of Joseph Nott of this Parish who 

died October 20th, 1889 aged 80 years.

Also Elizabeth his wife who died February 23rd, 1893 aged 81 years+


6....In memory of John Oliver who departed this 

life December 9th, 1884 aged 71 years+


7....My peace I give unto you in affectionate remembrance

of Maria Elizabeth the beloved wife of Edwin H Spear  

died October 14th, 1876 aged 26 years+


8....In loving memory of Thomas Spear who died in May 1882 aged 69 years

Also Marie his wife who died in June 1885 aged 77 years

Peace perfect peace+


9....In memory of Emma Mary Ursilla daughter of Francis and Emmar Chenowieth

 who departed this life January 13th, 1877 aged 2 years.

Suffer little children to come onto me.

 Also Francis Collett Chenoweth father of the above who died 

March 11th, 1942 aged 70 years+


10....In memory of Robert Dinney who died at Trewollack 

May 2nd, 1877 aged 65 years.

Also of Mary wife of the above and daughter of Isaac Kendell of 

St. Anthony in Roseland who died May 20th,1875 aged 57 years+


11....In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Couch formerly of 

Constantine died 24th, 1882 aged 87 years+


12....Memory of John William+


13....In loving memory of William son of Stephen and Elizabeth Spear  

of this Parish who fell asleep in Jesus June 10th, 1884 aged 18 years+


14....In loving memory of Clara beloved wife of E. J. C. Michell of 

Boswinger who died December 8th, 1939 aged 70 years

At Rest.

Also of Edward James Guy her husband died June 1950 aged 83 years



15....In loving memory of Richard Williams beloved husband of Lottie Rowse 

died at Penver Gate March 17th, 1941 aged 70 years.

 Peace perfect peace

Also Lottie his beloved wife died November 19th, 1953 aged 93 years+


16....William Henry Michell died February 8th, 1942 aged 83 years+


17....In loving memory of Robert Andrew Billing of Flushing Falmouth 

who died July 11th, 1946 aged 65 years 

Thy will be done+


18....In memory of James William Drew of Perhaver, Gorran Haven 

died March 25th, 1942 aged 77 years and his wife Gertrude Brooke Drew  

died October 1943 aged 81.

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord+


19....John Frazer Sutherland 22nd July 1868  -  28th March 1937

Annie Rhodes Sutherland 31st July  1872  -  3rd January 1952

The heaven where they would be+


20....In loving memory of John Adam Simon eldest son of Rev John S. Simon D.D.

 of Southport who gained the heights  as the day dawned 

August 16th, 1934 aged 55 years .

and life is eternal

 and love is immortal

 death is only the horizon

 and the horizon is  nothing save the limit of our sight+


21....In memory of Edward Harvey who died May 2nd, 1879 aged 78 years 

  ///////////////// of Edward his /////////////// aged 19 years+


22....In memory of James second son of James and Mary Lawry who died at

 Tregarton in this Parish 31st, October 1874 aged 34 years.

Also Thomas Hunter their fifth son who was lost at sea by the foundering of the 

S S Ispahan in the Bay of Biscay on or about 25th, February 1872 aged 21 years

Also of Susan Canning Lawry the second daughter of James and Mary Lawry

 born at Nanshuthall

St. Just in Roseland ///////////+


23....In memory of Mary wife of James Lawry of Tregarton and eldest daughter of

 the late John Canning of St Anthony in Roseland who 

died 20th September 1874 aged 70 years

Also of James Lawry who died at Tregarton January 24th, 1877 aged 78 years

and of George Pearce fourth son of the above who was lost at sea between

  Jamaica and New York September 1876 aged 28 years+


24.....In memory of John Cannine Lawry third son of James and Mary Lawry  

who died at Tregarton in the Parish April 4th, 1911 aged 67 years

Also of Elizabeth Lawry fourth daughter of James and Mary Lawry born at

 Tregarton died at Treveor July 12th, 1913 aged 74 years+


25....This stone is erected by W.L. Mitchell in loving remembrance of his

 affectionate mother Jane Mitchell who departed this 

life June 5th, 1884 aged 84 years+


26....In loving memory of Leonard Kendall died at Trewollack 

January 21st, 1948 aged 82 years

Resting where no shadows fall

and Mary Isabell wife of above died March 7th, 1956 aged 86 years+


27....Sacred to the memory of John Freeman Kendall who 

died July 9th, 1936 aged 68 years



28....In loving memory of our dear mother and father Bessie Jane Kendall who

 passed to rest December 28th, 1934 aged 76 years and William Kendall passed to

 rest September 30th, 1935 aged 79 years Church warden her for 48 years

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord+


29....In loving memory of Rex beloved son of W and L Vercoe died 

January 2nd, 1934 aged 3 years 7 months

A sunbeam for Jesus+


30....Annie Maria Orchard died 26th, August 1920.

They shall see his ////////+


31....Sacred and ever loving memory of Catherine widow of the late 

Joseph Davies Lelean of Portmellon taken home 

September 5th, 1924 aged 92 years

Until the day dawns

Also of Catherine daughter of the above and beloved wife of Edwin Lanyon  

born December 11th, 1860 taken home July 3rd, 1924

she being dead yet speaketh

 and Edwin Lanyon of Treveague House Gorran Haven beloved husband of the

 above Catherine Lanyon taken home February 25th, 1936 aged 86 years.

The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ+


32....In loving memory of Mary Marian Michell of Boswinger who 

died January 3rd, 1932 aged 77 years Perfected through sufferance

In memory of John Percy beloved husband of E.K. West died 

at Trevennen October 6th, 1832 aged 53 years.

In the midst of life we are in death

Also Emily Kate his beloved wife died May 19th, 1953 aged 77 years+


33....In loving memory of Annie Mary  Spence died at 

Rescassa April 2nd, 1950 aged 77 years+


34....In loving memory of Emily Ada Smeed died 

18th, December 1947 aged 79 years

Also of William Charles Smeed beloved husband of the above 

died 2nd, March 1952 aged 84

At rest+


35....In loving memory of Nicholas John Ford who 

died December 11th, 1947 aged 80 years

Also his beloved wife Cathrine Lobb Ford died 18th January 1963 aged 95 years+


36....In loving memory of Joseph the dearly beloved husband of 

Cathrine Jane Hocking who die at Lamledra Gorran Haven 

May 5th, 1947 aged 73 years

Also of Cathrine Jane his beloved wife died June 7th 1956  aged 81 years

Until the dawn+


37....William George Dadda born 29th January 1921 died 15th December 1989

In loving memory of William Dadda died 13th August 1946 aged 81 years

Also Caroline his beloved wife died 12th December 1947 aged 81 years


Also Francs Guy Dadda beloved husband of Lottie died 

25th October 1967 aged 70 years

In God's keeping

 Harriet Charlott May Dadda (Lottie) died 24th January 1983 aged 86 years+


38....In loving memory of George Wade Whetter died 1st July 1946 aged 69 years

In Gods keeping+


39....In  memory  of Mary John born July 18th, 1859 died May 5th, 1946+

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