1…. In loving memory of Jane the dearly beloved wife of William Nicholls of

 Tregerrick Gorran who died February 14th 1893 aged 63

Also of William Nicholls who died at Trevarrick Gorran

February 19th 1904 aged 81 years+


2…. In loving memory of Frances Mary third daughter of Thomas and Frances Whetter

of Benhurden in this Parish who died April 28th 1883 aged 23 years

Also of Annie their youngest daughter who died March 13th 1883 aged 22 years+


3…. In memory of Susan the wife of Wallace Michael who died at East Lodge Caerhays

 February 5th 1912 aged 39 years

Thou death divides memory clings

Also of Harold their infant child

A few more years shall roll few more seasons come

and we shall be with those at rest asleep in the tomb +


4…. Blessed are the pure in heart.

In loving memory of Mary second wife of the late John Wills of Trennick in this Parish

 born January 11th 1818 and died June 17th 1898

and Loveday Ellen Wills stepdaughter died November 11th 1936 aged 85+


5…. Here rest the ashes of my beloved husband Frederick Johns late of Stoke Plymouth+


6…. In loving memory of Richard Dolby Michell died January 10th 1900 aged 83 and

 Mary Ann Grose his beloved wife interred in old Church Yard

died December 24th1894 aged 74 Re-united+


7…. In loving memory of William the darling loved and only son of

William and Edith Beer died at Gorran Haven June 22nd 1899

aged 17 years and 9 months

The Lord loved him+


8…. In loving memory of Grace widow of Captain Walter Williams of Rock House

 Portmellon born at Trevascus June 16th1818 fell asleep

in Jesus Treveague December 10th 1898+


9…. In loving memory of James Mingo who died at Rescassa Gorran

October 24th 1905 aged 75 years

Also of Hannah his beloved wife who died at Boswinger Gorran

November 18th 1916 aged 75 years

At rest+


10…. In loving memory of Richard Oliver who died at Rice June 8th 1905 aged 62 years

 Also William Thomas the beloved fourth son who died in

Scotland October 8th 1914 aged 26 years.

To memory dear+


11…. J. M. C.+


12…. In memory of Catherine May who died at Gorran Haven

March 14th 1907 aged 77 years+


13…. In memory of William the beloved husband of Evelyn French

who died May 15th 1905 aged 38 years

Swiftly God called the to the Heavenly portal swiftly Christ drew the

to his loving breast fill me O’Father with thy life immortal

Bring me with him to thy eternal rest+


14…. In loving memory of John Whetter who died January 6th 1904 aged 47 years+


15…. In loving memory of Hettie Harvey Pollard daughter of Thomas and Fanny Pollard

 who departed this live March 5th 1903 aged 11 years and 3 months

For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven not my will O’Lord but thine be done+


16…. In loving memory of James Hill who died January 19th 1901 aged 51 years.

Not gone from memory not gone from love+


17…. In memory of Jane the beloved wife of William Spear of this Parish

who died July 26th 1900 aged 52+


18…. In Jesus keeping.

In loving memory of Mary dearly loved and youngest daughter

of John and Mary Amelia May +


19…. In loving memory of John Whetter who died January 6th 1904 Aged 47+


20…. In loving memory of Stephen Spear of this Parish who fell

asleep in Jesus May 3rd 1926 aged 82 years

Jesus lover of my soul+


21…. In loving memory of William James beloved husband of Emma Nicholls died at

 Gorran July 27th 1923 aged 67

Peace perfect peace

And Emma his wife who died November 12th 1935 aged 76+


22…. In loving memory of Mary Amelia beloved wife of John Mingo who died at

 Rescassa Gorran April 7th 1920 aged 57 years

And John Mingo died January 8th 1942 aged 78

And of Leonard their third and dearly loved son killed in action

at Gallipoli November 25th 1915 aged 22 years

Peace perfect peace+


23…. Hill Hannah Marie died November 17th 1915 aged 73 years+


24…. In loving memory of Vincent Trought born 8th April 1893 at

Birmingham died 20th January 1912 at Gorran Haven son of

T. W. Trought  J. P. and H. M. Trought of Birmingham lead thou me on+


25…. In loving memory of Susan Jane the beloved wife of Richard Pomeroy who fell

 asleep at Gorran Haven July 7th 1911 aged 67 years

Also of Richard her beloved husband   who died May 22nd 1929 aged 81 years

In underneath are the everlasting +


26…. In loving memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Stephen Spear of

this Parish who fell asleep in Jesus July 24th 1810 aged 69 years+


27…. In loving memory of Mary Ann Coombe who died at Trevarrick in this Parish

 March 27th 1913 aged 83 years Peace perfect peace+


28…. In memory of Mary Elizabeth the wife of Peter Whetter who

died October 29th 1919 aged 64

Peace perfect peace+


29…. In loving memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of William Henry Patten

died October 22nd 1919 aged 59 years

Also of Jane Nicholls his daughter who died April 19th 1932 aged 36 years

In Jesus Keeping+


30…. John Francis Pearce of Tregerrick who died May 18th 1824 aged 57 years+


31…. In loving memory of Cornelius Mahony died April 18th 1926 aged 78

And Rose his wife died July 11th 1929 aged 73. 

Also of William Ernest their son died at Toronto Canada

September 18th 1913 aged 27 Annie Maud May Mahony+


32…. In loving memory of John son of the late Robert Lanyon born August 17th 1854

 taken home April 13th 1926

Thy will be done+


33…. Loten Susana died February 8th 1923 aged 72 years

At Rest+


34…. In loving memory of John Lean died January 14th 1910 aged 64 years

Also Ann Marie his wife who died May 7th 1918 aged 76

And John their son died February 2nd 1911 aged 40.

Thy will be done+


35…. In memory of William the beloved husband of Fanny Youlton

died November 24th 1911 aged 93 years+


36…. In loving memory of Elizabeth Colliver wife of F. J. Lanyon of

Gorran born at Trevarrick Gorran May 7th 1863 died November 29th 1909

Gone unto me+


37…. In loving memory of William Henry beloved husband of Mary Ann Patten

died February 25th 1916 aged 53 years

Also William son of the above who died June 26th 1917 aged 27 years

Re-united forever with the Lord+


38…. In loving memory of Fanny the beloved wife of Robert H Lanyon who

died at Trewallow Gorran November 19th 1909 aged 65 years

Thy will be done+


39…. In memory of Nicholas May of Gorran Haven born May 1827

died January 26th 1920

I shall the King of glory see all is well?


40…. In loving memory of Richard Pill died March 24th 1926 aged 72 years

And of Jane his beloved wife who died January 21st 1894 aged 37

Love never faileth+

41…. In loving memory of Mary Ellen Wills who 

died August 8th 1925 aged 44 years 

Thy will be done+


42…. In loving memory of Amy Kate Meats 

died February 27th 1924 aged 66+


43…. In loving memory of Fanny Youlton of Treveor beloved wife of the

 late William Youlton died 17th May 1919 aged 87 years 

Also of their daughter Grace Willington Youlton of Treveor 

who died 5th February 1964 aged 93 years I know that my redeemer liveth+


44…. In loving memory of Mary Jane Oliver who died at Rice 

May 31st 1914 aged 59 years 

Also of Joseph their beloved youngest son killed in France 

September 20th 1917 aged 21 years 

Always remembered+


45…. In memory of Margaret Oliver born September 13th 1813 died

 December 15th 1907 

Come Lord Jesus 

Also of Richard son of the above born November 14th 1842 

died June 8th 1905 

I will give you rest 

Also of Margaret Spiller her daughter born April 25th 1845 

died February 16th 1910 

Resting in Jesus+


47…. In loving memory of Jane Martyn who died at Highlanes 

February 13th 1912 aged 81 years 

Also of Josepha Hancock sister of the above who died at 

Highlanes July 11th 1911 aged 87 years 

Peace perfect peace+


49…. In loving memory of L. CPL. J. Youlton, D. C. L. I .son of 

R and C Youlton died January 9th 1918 aged 28 

Peace perfect peace+


50…. In loving memory of Eleanor Wyon the dearly beloved wife of 

John Fisher for many years nurse in this Parish died at Gorran Haven

 November 23rd 1922 aged 47 years 

I was sick and ye visited me 

Also of John the beloved husband who died April 8th 1838 aged 70 years+


51…. In loving memory of William Clatworthy died 

2nd July 1925 aged 65 years 

And his beloved wife Amelia Creed died 11th July 1956 aged 91 years 

Ever remembered by their niece+


52…. In loving memory of Frederick John Lanyon who passed away at

 Treveague February 14th 1926 aged 74 years 

Forever with thy Lord+


53…. In loving memory of Montague Walter Roe M. R. C. S. L. S. A died at

 the Moorings November 13th 1923 aged 62 for over 30 years in Practice at

 Constantine after he had served his own generation he fell on sleep 

Also of Lucy Williams Roe his wife who died at Frome Somerset 

on March 5th 1847+


54…. Olive Oliver died April 29th aged 72 years 

Thy will be done+


55…. In loving memory of William the beloved husband of Edith Beer who

 died at Gorran Haven May 12th 1929 aged 78 years 

There failed not aught of any good thing which the Lord 

has spoken all came to pass+


56…. Francis William Kemp+


57…. In memory of my dearest son Ernest Patten 

died May 11th 1933 aged 45 years 

A loved one at rest+


58…. In loving memory of Charlotte Langford Bell 

died 4th February 1934 aged 65 years+


59…. In loving memory of Henry beloved husband of Nelly Pill 

died December 13th 1934 aged 44 years+


60…. In loving memory of George beloved husband of Lucy Martyn 

died February 3rd 1935 aged 66 years+


61…. In loving memory of Mary Jane Allen who died 

at Tregavarras 15th March 1940 aged 82 years 

At rest 

William Jago Allen her beloved husband who 

died at Tregavarras 4th  November 1956 aged 98+


62…. Catherine Harriet Petherick born July 16th 1827 

died January 12th 1877 the beloved wife of John Petherick F. R. C. S. 

late H. M. Consul Sudan and his faithful travelling companion on the 

White Nile and joint discoverer of the Bibio and Ayeeits Western tributaries +

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