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JohnDEVONSHERE29 Sep 1674St. Gorran, CONs of Henery and Grace
JohnDEVONSHIREJames DEVENSHERE & Blanch JACKET29 Mar 1725Mevagissey, CON
JohnDEVONSHIRE8 Apr 1784Mevagissey, CONs of William and Grace
JohnDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Hannah CHESTERFIELD2 Jun 1816St. Gorran, CON11 Dec 1838St. Ewe, CON
JohnDEVONSHIRE# 1 Listed on 1641 Protestation in St. Stephen in Brannel
JohnDEVONSHIRE#2 Listed on 1641 Protestation in St. Stephen in Brannel
JohnDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Mary JERMAN13 Jan 1694St. Mewan, CON14 Mar 1694St. Mewan, CON
JohnDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Mary JERMAN13 Oct 1692St. Mewan, CON
JohnDEVONSIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS7 Mar 1802Creed, CONs of Thomas and Grace
JohnDEVENSHEREListed on the 1641 Protestation in Gorran
JohnDEVONSHERMentioned on the 1569 Muster List of Penryn
JohnDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth DREW21 Jun 1795St. Just in Roseland, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREThomas DEVENSHERE & Elizabeth RICE7 Mar 1702Veryan, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREElizabeth ANDREW10 Apr 1755Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth IVEY w29 Dec 1767St. Mary, Truro, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREwPhilippa TREWIN10 Apr 1757Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREMary HOIT19 Feb 1776St. Clement, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREElizabeth STEPHENS28 Dec 1729Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREElizabeth IVEY w15 Aug 1765St. Mary, Truro, CONRegister
JohnDEVONSHIREMary ROW3 Jan 1729Mawnan, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE & Susanna BILLING12 May 1793Cuby w Tregony, CON
JohnDEVONSHIRE10 Jul 1806Falmouth, CONJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN10 Aug 1806Falmouth, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Catherine HODGEJane RICHARDS16 Sep 1781Mawnan, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREAnn HARRIS19 Apr 1798Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVONSHIREMawnan, CONCatherine HODGE20 Feb 1756Constantine, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth STEPHENS3 Jan 1730Cuby w Tregony, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth ANDREW19 Aug 1756Cuby w Tregony, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREHenry #3 DEVONSHIRE & Joanna PHILP2 Jan 1767Cuby w Tregony, CONIGI also shows 21 Jan 1767 as chr.
JohnDEVONSHIREAnn WINN18 Jun 1805Falmouth, CONCarpenter
JohnDEVONSHIREGrace ENDEAN23 Feb 1837Cuby w Tregony, CON
JohnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Mary HOIT25 Jun 1777St. Clement, CON
John #2DEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS27 Oct 1816Creed, CONs of Thomas and Grace
John #2DEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Martha QUINTRELL11 Aug 1733Veryan, CON
John #2DEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE & Susanna BILLING19 Apr 1795Cuby w Tregony, CON
John #2DEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN20 Jan 1820Falmouth, CONWesleyan
John Charles RashleighDEVONSHIRECharles DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth RASHLEIGH2 Sep 1838St. Anthony in Meneage, CON
John FerrisDEVONSHIREThomas #2 DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth FERRIS27 May 1774St. Mary, Truro, CONHarriet KEMPE21 Apr 1802St. Mary, Truro, CONCapt. in Royal Navy; s of Mr. Thomas and ElizabethRegister
John KempeDEVONSHIRE1 Dec 1804St. Mary, Truro, CONJohn Ferris DEVONSHIRE & Harriet KEMPE1 Jan 1804St. Mary, Truro, CON
JoneDEVENSHERE[...] [...]LE22 Sep 1690Merther, CON
JoneDEUENSHEREThomas DAUBE22 Sep 1690Merther, CON
JosephDENSHERE2 Aug 1685St. Gorran, CONs of John and Darathy; IGI reads Josepth
JosephDEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE w. & Jane WILLIAMS28 May 1798Creed, CON
JosephDEVONSHIREw.William DEVONSHIER & Mary PARDEW1 Nov 1747Creed, CONMargaret HARRIS31 Jul 1777St. Austell, CONPhillimore
JosephDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN3 Dec 1809Falmouth, CON
JosephDEVONSHIREWilliam DEVONSHIRE & Ann LIBBY26 Nov 1760Cuby w Tregony, CON
JosephDEVONSHIREWilliam DEVONSHIRE & Ann LIBBY17 Nov 1768Cuby w Tregony, CONSusanna BILLING12 Jan 1790Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
Joseph HodgeDEVONSHIRECharles DEVONSHIRE & Mary HODGE10 Jun 1814Falmouth, CONGrace MARTIN1 Oct 1837Budock, CON
Joseph LebbyDEVONSHIREBenjamin DEVONSHIRE & Catherine LIBBY1754Cuby w Tregony, CON

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