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HenryDEVONSHIREThomas #2 DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth FERRIS11 Dec 1775St. Mary, Truro, CON
Henry #2DEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth KNAPP28 Oct 1733Cuby w Tregony, CON
Henry #3DEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth KNAPP31 Dec 1738Cuby w Tregony, CONJoanna PHILP16 May 1762Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
HonnorDEVENSHERJohn WALTER30 Apr 1698St. Gorran, CON
HonorDEVONSHEREWilliam DEVONSHERE & Honnor BONE12 Aug 1662St. Gorran, CON
HonorDEVONSHIREAmbrose BASTARD5 Jul 1756St. Gerrans, CON
HonorDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth KNAPP6 Feb 1731Cuby w Tregony, CON
HughDENSHEEREListed on the 1641 Protestation in Gorran
IsaacDEVONSHIRE18 Apr 1790Falmouth, CONs of William and MaryIndependent
IsaacDEVONSHIRE26 Aug 1795Falmouth, CONs of William and MaryIndependent
IsabellaDEVONSHIRENicholas DEVONSHIRE & Beatrice HALL24 Mar 1811St. Just in Roseland, CONGeorge FITTOCK16 Aug 1842St. Just in Roseland, CON
JacobusDENSHEREEdward DENSHERE & Jane GWYN25 Mar 1697St. Ewe, CON
JamesDEVENSHEREBlanch JACKET15 Jul 1722St. Minver, CON
JamesDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth VARCOE10 Oct 1779St. Dennis, CON
JamesDEVONSHIRECatherine DAVY20 Oct 1737St. Ewe, CONPhillimore
JamesDEVONSHIREStephen DEVONSHIRE & Jenefer TREVILLIAN2 Jul 1710St. Stephen in Brannel, CON
JamesDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann HARRIS17 Mar 1799Cuby w Tregony, CONs of John and Ann
JamesDEVONSHIREGeorge DEVONSHIRE & Honor BOAS29 May 1811Falmouth, CON
JamesDEVONSHIREThomas #2 DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth FERRIS4 Aug 1779St. Mary, Truro, CON
James KempeDEVONSHIREJohn Ferris DEVONSHIRE & Harriet KEMPE22 May 1818St. Mary, Truro, CON
JaneDENSHIREEdward DENSHERE & Jane GWYN5 Oct 1684St. Ewe, CON
JaneDEVENSHERWilliam DEVENSHER & Thamason HOYLE24 Sep 1699St. Gorran, CON14 Nov 1699St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVENSHERRichard GROVE31 May 1707St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVENSHEREJames BARNICOATE23 Dec 1673St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVONSHEIRDec 1688St. Stephen in Brannel, CONd of William
JaneDEVONSHERENicholas DEVONSHERE & Catherine ROWE26 Aug 1734St. Gorran, CONJohn HILL30 Dec 1756St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVONSHIREJohn BURT15 Jan 1737St. Ewe, CON
JaneDEVONSHIREJohn PERKIN14 Apr 1716St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVONSHIRENicholas DEVONSHAR & Isibella JULIAN11 Apr 1763St. Gorran, CON
JaneDEVONSHIRE5 Oct 1766Mevagissey, CONIsrael DAVIES20 Nov 1783Mevagissey, CONd of William and Elizabeth
JaneDEVONSHIRE7 Nov 1697St. Austell, CONd of Nicholas
JaneDEVONSHIRE27 Dec 1689St. Michael Carhayes, CONd of John and Dorothy
JaneDEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Sarah ROBINS10 Jul 1726Cornelly, CON
JaneDEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE & Susanna BILLING30 Sep 1798Cuby w Tregony, CON
JaneDEVONSHIREJohn EDWARDS11 Mar 1826St. Just in Roseland, CON
JaneDEVONSHIREGeorge DEVONSHIRE & Honor BOAS11 Sep 1817Falmouth, CON
Jane WarrenDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Loveday WARREN15 Jun 1829Kenwyn, CON
JeebothDEVONSHEEREListed on the 1641 Protestation in Stithians
JenniferDEVONSHIREWilliam ROSEVEAR26 May 1744St. Ewe, CON
JenniferDEVONSHIRENicholas DEVONSHIRE & Beatrice HALL21 Nov 1802Philleigh, CON
Jenny WilliamsDEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE w. & Jane WILLIAMS2 Mar 1802Creed, CON
Jno.DEVONSHER13 Oct 1702Cuby w Tregony, CONno parents listed
Jo.DEVENSHERFoyCary CARTERca 1611Golant/St. Sampson, CONThe date per Phillimore reads [.....]Phillimore
JoanDEVENSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Mary JERMAN8 Feb 1689St. Mewan, CON
JoannaDEVONSHIREHugh BEHENNAH8 Aug 1819Cuby w Tregony, CON
JohnDENSHERECharles DENSHERE & Agnes [...]28 Mar 1669St. Gorran, CON
JohnDENSHIRE22 Jan 1681St. Stephen in Brannel, CONs of William
JohnDEVENSHEREMary DWEANE10 Nov 1670St. Gorran, CONPhillimore
JohnDEVENSHIRJohn DEVENSHERE & Mary DWEANE2 Nov 1671St. Gorran, CONHonor JAGA27 Dec 1694St. Gorran, CONchr. as John DensherePhillimore

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