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ElizabethDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN6 Jun 1813Falmouth, CONWesleyan
ElizabethDEVONSHIREArchibald BROWN20 Jul 1755Falmouth, CONlic.
Elizabeth AndrewDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE w & Philippa TREWIN4 Feb 1759Cuby w Tregony, CON
Elizabeth Frances WarrenDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Loveday WARREN21 Mar 1834St. Mary, Truro, CON
Elizabeth WarrickDEVONSHIRE15 Nov 1803St. Mary, Truro, CONJohn Ferris DEVONSHIRE & Harriet KEMPE20 Dec 1803St. Mary, Truro, CON
EllenDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN6 Jun 1825Falmouth, CONWesleyan
FannyDEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS19 Sep 1819Creed, CONd of Thomas and Grace
FrancisDEVONSHIREMary REYNOLDS19 Jul 1796Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
FrancisDEVONSHIRE10 Oct 1802Cuby w Tregony, CONFrancis DEVONSHIRE & Mary REYNOLDS6 Feb 1803Cuby w Tregony, CON
GeorgeDEVENSHERERichard (Denshire) DEVENSHIRE & Elizabeth [...]1677St. Gorran, CONIGI also shows 2 April 1678 Gorran
GeorgeDEVONSHERE4 Oct 1663St. Gorran, CONs of Nicholas and Annes marriage pre-Phillimore
GeorgeDEVONSHIREJoseph DEVONSHIRE w. & Jane WILLIAMS18 Apr 1795Creed, CON
GeorgeDEVONSHIRELydia HARRIS18 Dec 1727St. Neot, CONRegister
GeorgeDEVONSHIREGeorge DEVONSHIRE & Honor BOAS20 Nov 1808Falmouth, CONElizabeth WILLIAMS28 Mar 1840Budock, CON
GeorgeDEVONSHIRE1 Jun 1787Falmouth, CONJohn DEVONSHIRE & Jane RICHARDS29 Jun 1787Falmouth, CONHonor BOAS24 Jul 1808Falmouth, CONs of John and JaneRegister
George HenryDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN11 Jun 1821Falmouth, CONWesleyan
GermanDENSHIERListed on the 1641 Protestation in Creed
GraceDENSHERECharles DENSHERE & Agnes [...]15 Dec 1672St. Gorran, CON
GraceDEVENSHER7 Sep 1690St. Gorran, CONd of William and Juda
GraceDEVONSHERE8 Sep 1678St. Gorran, CONd of Henery and Grace
GraceDEVONSHIRERichard TANK7 Nov 1681Morval, CON
GraceDEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS12 Aug 1810Creed, CON
GraceDEVONSHIREJul 1697St. Mawgan in Pyder, CONd of Benjamin and Dorothy
GraceDEVENSHIREEdward DEVENSHERE & Jane GWYN25 Mar 1695St. Ewe, CONBenjaminus THOMAS6 Aug 1719St. Ewe, CON
GraceDEVONSHIREHenry PAWLEY26 Apr 1714St. Mary, Truro, CON
GraceDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth KNAPP6 Sep 1729Cuby w Tregony, CON
Grace #2DEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS4 Feb 1827Creed, CONd of Thomas and Grace
GulielmusDENSHIREEdward DENSHERE & Jane GWYN5 Nov 1699St. Ewe, CONGulielmus is Latin for William
HannaDEVENSHERJohn WALTER & Honnor DEVENSHER3 Apr 1698St. Gorran, CONHonor married WALTER after birth
HannahDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Mary DAW29 Apr 1827St. Newlyn in Pydar, CONd of Henry and Mary
HannahDEVONSHEREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth DREW10 Mar 1793St. Just in Roseland, CON
HarrieDEVONSHIREJane (Marifield) MERRIFIELD10 Feb 1581St. Columb Major, CONRegister
Harriot WinnDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN25 Aug 1811Falmouth, CON
Harriott WinnDEVONSHIRECharles Henry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth [...]20 Oct 1836Falmouth, CON
HeneryDENSHERE8 Oct 1672St. Gorran, CONs of Henery and Grace
HeneryDENSHIREListed as Churchwarden on 1641 Protestation List
HeneryDEVONSHIREHenry #3 DEVONSHIRE & Joanna PHILP30 Nov 1764Cuby w Tregony, CON
HenryDENSHEWER22 Sep 1644St. Ewe, CONs of Hennery Denshewer
HenryDEVONSHIREBenjamin DEVONSHIRE & Ann PILL11 Jun 1775St. Gorran, CON
HenryDEVONSHIREBenjamin DEVONSHIRE & Margaret POPHAM20 Nov 1730St. Gorran, CONSarah HUGOE16 Jun 1739St. Gorran, CONPhillimore
HenryDEVONSHIREElizabeth MATHY25 Nov 1613Morval, CON
HenryDEVONSHIRESt. Michael Carhayes, CONHannah CHESTERFIELD20 Apr 1805St. Ewe, CONlabourerPhillimore
HenryDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Hannah CHESTERFIELD3 Nov 1805St. Ewe, CONalso chr. 27 Oct 1805, Gorran
HenryDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Sarah HUGOE2 Aug 1741St. Gorran, CON
HenryDEVONSHIREMary DAW27 Jan 1825St. Newlyn in Pydar, CON
HenryDEVONSHIRESt. Gorran, CONmentioned on the 1569 Muster
HenryDEVONSHIREElizabeth DREW23 Jun 1792St. Just in Roseland, CONPhillimore
HenryDEVONSHIREElizabeth KNAPP20 Sep 1727Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
HenryDEVONSHIRESt. Gorran, CONDorcas RANDALL4 Nov 1699Philleigh, CONPhillimore
HenryDEVONSHIREFrancis DEVONSHIRE & Mary REYNOLDS11 Dec 1796Cuby w Tregony, CON
HenryDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth KNAPP24 Nov 1727Cuby w Tregony, CON 



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