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CharlesDEVONSHIREMary HODGE1 Mar 1809Falmouth, CONRegister
CharlesDEVONSHIRE8 Apr 1784Falmouth, CONs of John and Jane
CharlesDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN10 Jan 1808Falmouth, CON
Charles #2DENSHERECharles DENSHERE & Agnes [...]24 Feb 1674St. Gorran, CON
Charles HenryDEVONSHIRE2 Feb 1806St. Mary, Truro, CONJohn Ferris DEVONSHIRE & Harriet KEMPE21 Mar 1806St. Mary, Truro, CON
Charles HenryDEVONSHIRECharles DEVONSHIRE & Mary HODGE21 Aug 1817Falmouth, CONElizabeth [...]
ChestonDEVENSHERENicholas JAMES4 Feb 1668St. Gorran, CON
ChestonDENSHERE19 Apr 1577Redruth, CONd of HarryRegister
ChristopherDENSHEREJohn DEVENSHERE & Mary DWEANE21 Sep 1675St. Gorran, CON
ChristopherDEVONSHEAREListed on 1641 Protestation in St. M. Caerhays
DanielDEVONSHIRECharity DAVEY27 Jan 1794Cuby w Tregony, CONPhillimore
DeborahDEVONSHIREHenry DEVONSHIRE & Dorcas RANDALL27 May 1702St. Just in Roseland, CONd of Henry and Dorcas
DorotheDEVONSHERWilliam CODFER20 Aug 1699Cuby w Tregony, CON
DorothieDENSHEREStephen PARNALL28 Apr 1631Creed, CON
DorothyDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE w & Philippa TREWIN29 Sep 1761Cuby w Tregony, CON
EdwardDENSHERECharles DENSHERE & Agnes [...]15 Dec 1672St. Gorran, CONJane GWYN
EdwardDEVONSHIRE1 Nov 1692St. Gorran, CONMargarett BOYEN11 Sep 1715St. Gorran, CONs of  William and Ju...Phillimore19 Feb 1748St. Gorran, CON
EdwardDEVENSHERESt. Ewe, CONJane GWYN1 Oct 1683St. Mary, Truro, CONRegister
EdwardDEVONSHEEREListed on the 1641 Protestation in Gorran
EdwardDEVONSHIREThomas DEVENSHERE19 Nov 1689Cornelly, CONs of Thomas
EdwinDEVONSHIREGeorge DEVONSHIRE & Honor BOAS28 Sep 1820Falmouth, CON
ElizaDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann HARRIS20 Mar 1803Cuby w Tregony, CONThomas TREFFRY23 May 1833Cuby w Tregony, CONd of John and Ann
ElizabethDENSHERE20 Feb 1676St. Gorran, CONd of John and Darrathy
ElizabethDEVENSHER17 Nov 1700St. Gorran, CONd of Nicholas and Jane
ElizabethDEVENSHERERichard (Denshire) DEVENSHIRE & Elizabeth [...]4 Jun 1667St. Gorran, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHERENicholas DEVONSHERE & Catherine ROWE26 Dec 1739St. Gorran, CONJohn SYMS12 Dec 1760Mevagissey, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIERWilliam DEVONSHIER & Mary PARDEW30 Oct 1752Creed, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREEdward HOTTEN19 Jan 1788Creed, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRERichard DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth VARCOE30 Mar 1782St. Dennis, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRERobert JORDAN3 Aug 1746St. Ewe, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREWilliam WILLS20 Apr 1723St. Gorran, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRENicholas DEVONSHIRE & Elizabeth WATTY5 Jan 1700Mevagissey, CONNic. already deceased
ElizabethDEVONSHIREWilliam Davis DEVONSHIRE & Catherine BARON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREMichael KEAM5 Nov 1818St. Dennis, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREStephen DEVONSHIRE & Jenefer TREVILLIAN25 Nov 1705St. Stephen in Brannel, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREThomas DEVONSHIRE & Grace WATTS8 Jan 1808Creed, CONd of Thomas and Grace
ElizabethDEVONSHIREWilliam COLWILL10 Jun 1753Roche, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREWilliam GILLFeb 1614St. Enoder, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREThomas TALLACK27 Jun 1790Fowey, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRESamuel PIDLER6 May 1826St. Dennis, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRE21 May 1826St. Ewe, CONd of Richard and Mary
ElizabethDENSHIRE16 Dec 1560St. Michael Penkivel, CONno parents' names given
ElizabethDEVONSHIREJohn LOBB27 Feb 1809Cornelly, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRESamuel TRESIDDER23 Jun 1818Falmouth, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Mary ROW1 Jan 1735Veryan, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRENicholas DEVONSHIRE & Beatrice HALL12 May 1805St. Just in Roseland, CONJohn SYE30 Oct 1827St. Just in Roseland, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIRE10 Apr 1786Falmouth, CON7 May 1786Falmouth, CONd of William and Mary
ElizabethDEVONSHIREThomas TALLACK27 Jun 1750Fowey, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREZachary EDWARDS1 Jan 1683Veryan, CON
ElizabethDEVONSHIREJohn DEVONSHIRE & Ann WINN6 Jun 1813Falmouth, CONWesleyan


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