Thomas Moune married Cunstis Cloke Tywardreath 9th April 1675

Henry Cloke married Joan Roberts of St Austell 13th June 1758 Luxulyan

Goerge Morrice married Ann Cloke 13th December 1758 St Ewe

John Grenway married Susan Cloke 16th January 1660 St Winnow

Robert Redwort married Elizabeth Cloke 15th January 1666 St Winnow

William Cloke married Catharine Giles 16th August 1697 Lanlivery

John Cloke of Poundstock married Jane Toms 20th October 1754 Bodmin

James Cloke married Alice Benny 7th July 1600 St Mellion

Edward Condon married Anny Cloke 22nd January 1632 St Mellion

Charles Cloke married Marry Barrett 30th January 1731 St Mellion

Roger Cloke married Alsen Webbe 15th October 1583 Pillaton

David Cloke married Martha Short 12th September 1731Pillaton

Stephen Grills married Mary Cloke 26th January 1755 Pillaton

John Pasco married Mary Cloke 5th January 1738 Roche

Wm Cloke married Mary Dawe14th January 1742 Roche

John Bishop married Mary Cloke 16th March 1728 Kilkampton

Willyam Cooke married Willmot Cloke 25th November 1613 Landrake

Degorie Cloke married Elizabeth Tredinnick6th August 1648 Landrake

Edward Heale married Elizabeth Cloke 14th January 1663 Landrake

Richard Trowse married Jone Cloke 12 November 1559 St Erney

John Cloke Married (----) Newton 13th October 1566 St Erney

Roger Newton married Thomasine Cloke 7th July 1567 St Erney

 John Cloke married Jone Hawke 1st October 1586 St Erney

Thoms Burke married Jane Cloke 1st November 1591 St Erney

John Pope married Margaret Cloke 1st February 1595 St Erney

Thomas Cloke married Christian Randall26th April 1596 St Erney

William Visick or Phisick married Jone Cloke 27th January 1599 St Erney

Wm. Cooke married Wilmott Cloke 25th November 1613 St Erney

Robt. Pierie married Thomazine Cloke 3rd December 1623 St Erney

Elias Cloke married Agnes Parnell 9th November 1628 St Erney

John Pierce married Elizabeth Cloke 14th April 1635 St Erney

Edward Heall married Elizabeth Cloke 14th January 1663 St Erney

John Cloke married Dorothy Harris 31st May 1670 St Erney

Digory Cloke married Thomazine Roberts 1st July 1670 St Erney

John Cloke married Philadelphia Rundell 3rd November 1719 St Erney

John Rowe married Mary Cloke 6th December 1784 St Mary Magdalene Launceston

John Sandercock of Tremyane w. married Martha Cloke 22nd June 1787

St Mary Magdalene Launceston

Thomas Cogdon Stert married Ann Cloke 8th June 1801 St Mary Magdalene Launceston