Many thanks to Stephanie Quinn for supplying this information

  DATE                              PARISH                      NAME                                     PARENTS

May 8th 1853              Mevagissey                  Christopher Cloke         William and Caroline Cloke

October 14th 1856     Mevagissey                  John Cloke                             William and Caroline

October 14th 1856     Mevagissey                  Mary Sarah                             William and Caroline

July 25 1859                Mevagissey                  Peter Egbert                           William and Caroline

May 10th 1863            Mevagissey                 Susan Caroline Beer               William and Caroline

May 10th 1863            Mevagissey                  Phillip Coombe                       William and Caroline

December 30th 1864 Mevagissey              Sarah Caroline Beer                  William and Caroline

January 11th 1867      Mevagissey                  Peter Egbert                            William and Caroline

December 30th 1864    Mevagissey                Mary Ann                      Francis and Elizabeth Cloke

December 25th 1867    Mevagissey                  Francis                       Francis and Elizabeth

February 27th 1876      Mevagissey                  Elizabeth Jane            Francis and Elizabeth

April 28th 1877             Mevagissey                  Ellen                             Francis and Elizabeth

April 28th 1877             Mevagissey                  William                         Francis and Elizabeth

April 29th 1877             Mevagissey                  John                              Francis and Elizabeth

April 29th 1877             Mevagissey                  Henry                             Francis and Elizabeth

July 9th 1879                Mevagissey                  Helen                               Francis and Elizabeth

  June 9th 1867             Mevagissey             Matilda Elizabeth                John and Matilda Cloke

  October 20th               Mevagissey                  Meta                    Richard and Mary Elizabeth Cloke

  April 13th 1884            Mevagissey            Ethel Jane                            Phillip and Eliza Cloke

April 7th 1886               Mevagissey             Grace Hannah                     Phillip and Eliza

January 25th1888        Mevagissey               Edith                                    Phillip and Eliza

May 16th 1900             Mevagissey            Percy Redfers                        Phillip and Eliza

??                                                                   Doris                                        Phillip and Eliza

September 26th 1880 Mevagissey           Mary Kate                          John and Elizabeth Cloke

March 26th 1890          Mevagissey           Mildred                               John and Elizabeth

  C1851                         Mevagissey            James                                James and Mary Cloke

July 29th 1858              Mevagissey           John Mills                           James and Mary

February 5th 1861        Mevagissey           William Jolly                      James and Mary

July 9th 1873                 Mevagissey           Eli Nathanial                      James and Mary

May 29th 1875              Mevagissey                  Alfred                            James and Mary

April 20th1879              Mevagissey                  George Washington    James and Mary

June 7th 1878               Mevagissey                  Alfred                             James and Mary

  January 19th 1899       Mevagissey                  Ellen Rosetta                 Alfred and Ellen Cloke

  December 25th 1857  Mevagissey                  John Francis                     Francis and Esther Cloke

April 1st 1860                Mevagissey                  Thomas Verinder             Francis and Esther

June 29th 1862             Mevagissey                  Samuel                               Francis and Esther

December 25th 1864   Mevagissey                  Mary Jane Ley                    Francis and Esther

February 2nd 1867        Mevagissey                  Albert                                    Francis and Esther

August 15th 1869          Mevagissey                  William McLauhlan             Francis and Esther

October 29th                 Mevagissey                  Rosalie                                 Francis and Esther

  January 4th 1863         Mevagissey                  Mary Ann                            Thomas and Eliza Cloke

December 28th1866   Mevagissey                  Thomas                                   Thomas and Eliza

June 9th 1867               Mevagissey                  Eliza Jane                              Thomas and Eliza

June 27th 1869             Mevagissey                  Mary Jane                              Thomas and Eliza

April 14th 1872             Mevagissey                  Richard                                   Thomas and Eliza

May 20th 1877             Mevagissey                  James Francis                       Thomas and Eliza         

March 4th 1881            Mevagissey                  James Francis                       Thomas and Eliza

November 5th 1881    Mevagissey                  Maria Louise                         James and Maria Cloke

April 13th 1884             Mevagissey                  Nathanial James                   James and Maria

April 7th 1886               Mevagissey                  William                                    James and Maria

April 23rd 1888             Mevagissey                  Milly                                         James and Maria

October 2nd 1889        Mevagissey                  Mary                                        James and Maria

May 1st 1894               Mevagissey                  Eva                                          James and Maria

August 20th 1895        Mevagissey                  Sydney                                    James and Maria

May 18th 1897             Mevagissey                  Charley                                    James and Maria

April 18th 1899            Mevagissey                  Teddy                                      James and Maria

November 14th 1900  Mevagissey                  Charlotte Amy                         James and Maria

January 10th 1886      Mevagissey                  John Francis       John Francis and Emmeline Cloke

June 2nd 1889            Mevagissey                    Emmeline          John Francis and Emmeline Cloke

September 16th 1891 Mevagissey                  Winifred              John Francis and Emmeline Cloke

  September 2nd 1888 Mevagissey                  William Francis   William and Elizabeth Cloke

October 1st 1890        Mevagissey                  Ethel Kate            William and Elizabeth Cloke

January 10th 1893      Mevagissey               Achibald Stanley    William and Elizabeth Cloke

May 14th 1859             Mevagissey                  Grace                   William and Elizabeth Cloke

October 22nd 1889     Mevagissey                  Clarice Mary        William and Elizabeth Cloke

  July 6th 1890               Mevagissey                  Ellen Irene          Thomas and Elizabeth Cloke

July 17th 1892              Mevagissey                  Mary Eliza           Thomas and Elizabeth Cloke

April 13th 1895             Mevagissey                  Annie Louisa      Thomas and Elizabeth Cloke

October 20th 1897       Mevagissey                  Harry                    Francis and Mary Cloke

October 20th 1897       Mevagissey                  Harry                    Francis and Mary Cloke

October 20th 1897       Mevagissey                  William                 Francis and Mary Cloke

October 20th 1897       Mevagissey                  Pelham                 Francis and Mary Cloke

June 3rd 1877               Mevagissey                  Christopher          Christopher and Charlotte Cloke

October 15th 1882       Mevagissey                  Christopher           Christopher and Sophia Cloke

September 11th 1884 Mevagissey                  Laura Ann               Christopher and Sophia

October 28th1886        Mevagissey                  Mary Sarah            Christopher and Sophia

November 22nd 1888   Mevagissey              Richard Whetter        Christopher and Sophia

 December 4th 1890     Mevagissey                  Sophie                    Christopher and Sophia

February 25th 1895      Mevagissey                  Alfred                        Christopher and Sophia

September 30th 1896    Mevagissey                  Arthur                      Christopher and Sophia

July 17th 1895              Mevagissey                  Albert                          Albert and Mary Sarah Cloke

August 4th 1897            Mevagissey                  Sybil Minnie              Albert and Mary Sarah

August 1st 1900            Mevagissey                  Frederick Charles     Albert and Mary Sarah

May 14th 1885             Mevagissey              John Francis     John Francis and Gwendoline Cloke

December 1st 1881    Mevagissey               William              William Beer and Ellen Cloke

March 20th 1884          Mevagissey                  Nelly                William Beer and Ellen

August 19th 1886        Mevagissey                  Peter              William Beer and Ellen

January 31st 1889       Mevagissey                  Leonard         William Beer and Ellen

March 1st 1894            Mevagissey                  Walter              William Beer and Ellen

??                                 Mevagissey                  Alfred               Alfred and Annie Cloke

June 21st 1924            Mevagissey              Thomas Henry     Alfred and Annie

??                                 Mevagissey                  Stanley              Alfred and Annie

December 16th 1924 Mevagissey               Christopher         Christopher and Annie Cloke

7th May 1794               Mevagissey                 Peter                   Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

24th September 1797  Mevagissey                William               Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

7th May 1794               Mevagissey                 Peter                   Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

24th September 1797 Mevagissey                 William               Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

2nd September 1801   Mevagissey               James                 Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

10th January 1790       Mevagissey               Francis                 Francis and Elizabeth Cloke 

was born 1st December 1789 

(--) September 1801   Mevagissey               James                   Francis and Elizabeth Cloke

4th June 1815              Mevagissey               William                  William and Esther Cloke  of 

 was born 23rd October 1814 

29th June 1837            Mevagissey              Catherine Cloke   daughter of Enoch and Ann Kendel

 was born 15th May 1823