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MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CARE        JOHN             MARINER             M  21 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPEL STREET       CARE        SARAH            MARINERS WIFE       F  28 Years Marr                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPEL STREET       CARE        SARAH                                F  5 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       ELIZA                                F  54 Years Marr           WILLIAM      Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       ELIZA                                F  22 Years Unm                      Dau            FALMOUTH            
MEVAGISSEYPOLKIRT ST.         CARNE       ELIZTH.          HOUSE SERVANT       F  13 Years Unm                      Servant             MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       JAMES                                M  14 Years Unm                      Son                 ST.AUSTLE           
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       JOHN             BASKET MAKER        M  24 Years Unm                      Son                 FALMOUTH            
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       MARY                                 F  10 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       WILLIAM          BASKET MAKER        M  58 Years Marr           ELIZA        Head                PENZANCE            
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        CARNE       WILLIAM          BASKET MAKER        M  20 Years Unm                      Son                 FALMOUTH            
MEVAGISSEYTREGISKEY FARM      CARVETH     HENRY            FARMER OF 30 ACRES *M  25 Years Marr           SARAH ANN    Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYFORE STREET         CARVETH     M. A. C. (FEMALE)                    F  3 Years                                 G'dau      MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGISKEY FARM      CARVETH     SARAH ANN                            F  27 Years Marr           HENRY        Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYJETTY OPE           CARVETH     TABITHA                              F  13 Years Unm                      Sis-inlaw       SOM BRISTOL         
MEVAGISSEYGEORGES COURT       CHAPLE      ELIZTH.          FISH MONGER         F  67 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDCHARLES          MARINER             M  28 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDJOHANNA                              F  55 Years Wid                        Head                LIFTON              
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDJOHN             MARINER             M  23 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDJOHN G.                              M  2 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDJOSEPH           MARINER             M  19 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDSUSAN                                F  32 Years Marr           THOMAS       Wife                GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDTHOMAS           MARINER             M  31 Years Marr           SUSAN        Head                DEVONSHIRE          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          CHESTERFIELDTHOMAS H.                            M  3 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CHILDS      ANN              SCHOOLMISTRESS      F  66 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CHURCHILL   SYDNEY                               M  70 Years Unm                      Head                MDX WESTMINSTER     
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       ANN              FISHER MANS WIDOW   F  74 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYGREEN STAIRS        CLARK       ANTHONY          MARINER             M  17 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CLARK       BETSEY           MARINERS WIFE       F  23 Years Marr                        Niece               MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CLARK       ELIZA            DRESS MAKER         F  34 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CLARK       ELIZABETH                            F  75 Years Wid                        Head                DEV DEVONPORT       
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       ELIZTH.                              F  52 Years Marr           JOSEPH       Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       ELIZTH.          DRESS MAKER         F  27 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYGREEN STAIRS        CLARK       JAMES M.         FISHER MAN          M  61 Years Marr           MARY         Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       CLARK       JANE             CHARWOMAN           F  53 Years Unm                      Sis-inlaw       ST.ERME             
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       JOSEPH           FISHER MAN          M  52 Years Marr           ELIZTH.      Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYGREEN STAIRS        CLARK       MARY                                 F  54 Years Marr           JAMES M.     Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       MARY ANN         SEWING MISTRESS     F  47 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYGREEN STAIRS        CLARK       SARAH                                F  26 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLARK       THOMAS           FISHER MAN          M  21 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       CLOKE       ACHSAH ?                             F  18 Years Unm                      Sis-inlaw       MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        CLOKE       CAROLINE                             F  27 Years Marr           WILLIAM      Wife                DEV DEVONPORT       
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       CLOKE       ELIZA                                F  10 Years                                Sis-inlaw       MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPLE STREET       CLOKE       ELIZTH. JOLLY    HOUSKEEPER          F  21 Years Unm                      G'dau      MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       CLOKE       ELLEN                                F  13 Years Unm                      Sis-inlaw       MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLOKE       FRANCIS          FISHER MAN          M  19 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLOKE       FRANCIS          FISHER MAN          M  60 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        CLOKE       FRANCIS          SCHOLAR             M  10 Years                                G'son            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       CLOKE       JAMES            CORDWAINER          M  17 Years Unm                      Bro-inlaw      MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        CLOKE       JANE             SCHOLAR             F  3 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          

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