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MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LEY         JOHN             FISHER BOY          M  14 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        LEY         JONATHAN         BLKSMITH            M  32 Years Marr           MARY         Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        LEY         JONATHAN         SCHOLAR             M  10 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF STREET        LEY         JOSEPH           PILOT               M  47 Years Unm                      Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTregony Hill StLEY         JOSEPH                               M  15 Years                                Son-inlaw          MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       LEY         MARGARET         HOUSEKEEPER         F  49 Years Unm                      Servant             MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LEY         MARGERET         SCHOLAR             F  7 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LEY         MARIA                                F  44 Years Marr           THOMAS       Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEY                    LEY         MARY             PAUPER              F  79 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        LEY         MARY                                 F  29 Years Marr           JONATHAN     Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTregony Hill StLEY         MARY A.                              F  23 Years Unm                      Niece               MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LEY         MARY JANE                            F  49 Years Marr           JOHN         Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        LEY         RICHARD          SCHOLAR             M  8 Years  Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        LEY         SAMUEL           SCHOLAR             M  6 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPLE STREET       LEY         SUSAN            SOWING GIRL         F  17 Years Unm                      Lodger              MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       LEY         SUSANNA          PAUPER              F  78 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LEY         THOMAS           FISHER MAN          M  44 Years Marr           MARIA        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF STREET        LEY         THOMAS           MARINER             M  26 Years Unm                      Nephew              MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        LEY         WILLIAM          LABOURER            M  55 Years Unm                      Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF               LIBBY       GRACE                                F  85 Years Wid                        M'inlaw       MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYMEADOW              LIBBY       JNO. S.          BLACKSMITH          M  25 Years Unm                      Lodger              MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       JOHN             BLACKSMITH          M  20 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       JOSEPH           DRAPER'S APPRENTICE M  16 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYMEADOW              LIBBY       JOSIAH A.        BLACKSMITH          M  15 Years Unm                      Lodger              MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       LOUISA                               F  27 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       MARY                                 F  57 Years Marr           ROBERT       Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       R. W. (MALE)     DRAPER'S APPRENTICE M  18 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       ROBERT           BLACKSMITH *        M  58 Years Marr           MARY         Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LIBBY       WALTER           BLACKSMITH          M  22 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   ANN                                  F  41 Years Marr           JOHN         Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   ELLEN                                F  13 Years                                Dau            GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   JOHN             AG. LAB.            M  43 Years Marr           ANN          Head                GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   NICHOLAS                             M  8 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   SUSAN                                F  5 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          LIDDICOAT   WILLIAM                              M  7 Months                                Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LOBB        CAROLINE B.                          F  5 Months                                Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LOBB        HARRIET                              F  24 Years Marr           THOMAS S.    Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        LOBB        HENRY            CARPENTER           M  71 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        LOBB        HENRY            SCHOLAR             M  4 Years                                 G'son            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        LOBB        JANE                                 F  31 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF               LOBB        JOS.             MASTER BUILDER(SHIP)M  45 Years Marr           PRISLAR.     Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        LOBB        MARY ANN         GROCER ETC.         F  42 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF               LOBB        PRISLAR.                             F  46 Years Marr           JOS.         Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       LOBB        THOMAS S.        LABOURER            M  24 Years Marr           HARRIET      Head                ST.AUSTELL          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        LONGMAID    SAMUEL           MARINER             M  19 Years Unm                      Nephew              FOWEY               
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       LORD        CALEB            FARMER & LABOURER   M  30 Years Marr           MARY         Head                PENTEWAN            
MEVAGISSEYFORE STREET         LORD        CALEB            FARMER (7 ACRES)    M  57 Years Marr           CATHERINE    Head                CARDENON            
MEVAGISSEYFORE STREET         LORD        CATHERINE                            F  33 Years Marr           CALEB        Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       LORD        ELIZABETH        SCHOLAR             F  5 Years                                 G'dau      MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       LORD        JANE                                 F  28 Years Marr           JOSHUA       Wife                VERYAN              

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