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MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        PILL        ELIZABETH                            F  58 Years Marr           HENRY        Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        PILL        ELIZABETH        SCHOLAR             F  15 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        ELIZTH. A.                           F  5 Years                                 Dau            GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        PILL        HENRY            SHOEMAKER           M  74 Years Marr                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        M. H. (FEMALE)                       F  3 Years                                 Dau            ST.EWE              
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        NICHOLAS         AG. LAB.            M  30 Years Marr           PATIENCE     Head                GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        PATIENCE                             F  28 Years Marr           NICHOLAS     Wife                GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        PEARCE                               M  7 Years                                 Son                 GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYRIVER STREET        PILL        PHILIP           MASON               M  17 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH PARK         PILL        SUSAN                                F  1 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       PILL        WILLIAM          MASON               M  34 Years Marr           ELIZABETH    Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       PILL        WILLIAM          SCHOLAR             M  8 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     ELIZA            DRESS MAKER         F  32 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     ELIZTH.                              F  37 Years Marr           THOMAS       Wife                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     JANE             SHOE MAKERS WIDOW   F  78 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     JOHN LELEAN      SCHOLAR             M  9 Years  Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     NICHOLAS                             M  4 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYWHARF               POLLARD     SARAH            LATE FISH MONGER    F  86 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     SARAH JANE       SCHOLAR             F  10 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     THOMAS           FISHER MAN          M  40 Years Marr           ELIZTH.      Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     THOMAS           FISHER BOY          M  12 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        POLLARD     WILLIAM          SCHOLAR             M  6 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      CHARLES H.                           M  2 Months                                G'son            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        POMERY      ELIZABETH        BAKER               M  54 Years Marr                        Head                ST.AUSTLE           
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      ELLEN                                F  6 Years                                 Visitor             SOUTHAMPTON         
MEVAGISSEYCLIFF STREET        POMERY      EMELINE          DRESS MAKER         F  21 Years Unm                      Dau            ST.EWE              
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      GEORGN.                              F  2 Years                                 G'dau      SOUTHAMPTON         
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      JANE                                 F  33 Years Marr                        Dau            DEVONPORT           
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       POMERY      JOHN             AG. LAB.            M  24 Years Marr           MARY         Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       POMERY      MARY                                 F  24 Years Marr           JOHN         Wife                GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYTREGONEY HILL       POMERY      MARY                                 F  5 Months                                Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      MARY J.                              F  8 Years                                 G'dau      FALMOUTH            
MEVAGISSEYPortmellon          POMERY      PHILIP                               M  4 Years                                 G'son            SOUTHAMPTON         
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       POOLEY      ELIZABETH        HOUSE SERVANT       F  23 Years Unm                      Servant             LUXULLIAN           
MEVAGISSEYCHURCHTOWN          PROPHET     AGNES                                F  41 Years Marr                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCHTOWN          PROPHET     JAMES            LABOURER            M  11 Years Unm                      Son                 GORRAN              
MEVAGISSEYCHURCHTOWN          PROPHET     JOHN                                 M  3 Years                                 Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPLE HILL         PROPHITT    AMELIA           SCHOLAR             F  11 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPLE HILL         PROPHITT    ELIZTH. ANN                          F  13 Years Unm                      Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHAPLE HILL         PROPHITT    THOMAS           FISHER MAN          M  44 Years Marr                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        PRYOR       ELIZTH. ANN                          F  2 Years                                 G'dau      ST.BLAZEY           
MEVAGISSEYON THE CLIFF        PRYOR       JANE                                 F  31 Years Marr                        Dau            ST.AUSTLE           
MEVAGISSEYFORE STREET         QUINTRELL   THOMASIN         SERVANT             F  19 Years Unm                      Servant             VERYAN              
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     EDWARD           H.M.COAST GUARD SERVM  44 Years Marr           KESIA        Head                ISLE OF WIGHT BUXTON
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     ELIZABETH        APP. DRESSMAKER     F  16 Years Unm                      Dau            ISLE OF WIGHT FRESHW
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     KESIA                                F  41 Years Marr           EDWARD       Wife                HAM WICKAM          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     KEZIA                                F  18 Years Unm                      Dau            ISLE OF WIGHT COWES 
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     MARY             SCHOLAR             F  9 Years                                 Dau            MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYCHURCH STREET       RACKETT     WILLIAM          SCHOLAR             M  11 Years Unm                      Son                 MEVAGISSEY          
MEVAGISSEYPOLKIRT ST.         RAPSON      ANN              CHAR WOMAN          F  50 Years Wid                        Head                MEVAGISSEY          

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